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My usual makeup routine


So, a makeup tutorial was requested (っ´∀`)っ I was going in to town a few days ago and while I was doing my makeup I took some pictures to show you how I usually do my makeup nowadays. (Except for when I am at work or staying at home, lol) There has also been an interest in my products that I use, but I will post about them in another entry. Well, here goes nothing 
1. Before applying any makeup on I start with putting my circle lenses on so that I would not mess up anything. Thereafter I apply BB cream on blemishes and "dark" places such as under my eyes etc. and blend it out with a foundation brush.
2. Since I am an independent black woman that pays my own bills and shit, I am trying to be as creative as much as possible with the things that I have. In this case, I am using an old eyebrow pencil from when I had darker hair as a contouring pen for my nose. It is light brown so it fits perfectly for contouring ! And, of course, blend it out~
3. Next step is to highlight the nose. I use my white eyeliner for this because it is easy to be precise with it and also to blend it out.
4. And after the contouring and highlighting I use my compact powder all over my face to make it look more natural.
5. Now on to the brows ! Naturally I have very thick and dark eyebrows so to make it fit with my blonde hair I trim them and then I use Dolly Winks eyebrow pencil, #1 Honey brown, to shape my brows. My eyebrows are naturally uneven so thanks to eyebrow pencils I can even them out, lol.
6. And now it is time to highlight the eyes and browbones. Again, I use my white eyeliner and then blend it out~
7. Even if I have double eyelids I like to shade my eyes so it looks like it "pops" more. Here I use yet another eyebrow pencil, but with a darker brown color. Please do blend this out or else you will look simply terrible.
8. Finally~! I have an eyelash curler again !! Curl your lashes, especially if you have straight lashes, so it will blend in with your fake eyelashes. And as I mentioned earlier, I have dark eyebrows so I lighten them up by using Dolly Winks eyebrow mascara #1 Milktea brown.
9. Time to line your eyes ! I use a black liquid eyeliner pen on my upper lids so it gives a more define look.
10. Before applying the fake lashes I use a black eyeliner pen to shade my lower lashes a bit more. But as you can see it is very blended out, no define lines. 
11. Apply upper and lower lashes~!
12. Now on to the last steps for this makeup. Apply black mascara on your real lower lashes where there is no fake lashes. I like to just use fake lower lashes on the outer corners because my real lower lashes are pretty long on the inner corners so, no need for fakeness ! And then last, but not least, I use a bright pink blush to finish off this look. 
There you go~! This is how I usually do my makeup (´▽`) If you have any other requests then do tell. I will try my best to fulfill them in the future 


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