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Today I went by a local hairdresser to discuss about my upcoming hair color that I want to achieve. I have been blonde for over a year now and recently went lilac/gray, but the color has faded and I am back to blonde. My hair is very damaged after all the bleach I have used and of course from the heat of hair dryers and flattening irons. It is time for me to slowly go back to my natural hair color so that my hair can rest and repair itself. But, as I said, I will slowly go back which means that my upcoming hair color will not only be dark brown. I am in fact going to dye my hair to an ombre style. It is actually a little ironic because I hated the ombre style at first. Why would someone want to dye their hair knowingly as an outgrowth? But ! When I saw pictures of Manami Suzuki with ombre hair I thought it looked great d(´▽`) 
Pics from Tumblr
So, my idea is to dye my roots to a dark brown color so that my real outgrowth will show as little as possible and then let the upper part of my hair fade from dark brown to a light brown ashy tone. The rest of my hair will be dyed to a darker blonde with an ashy tone to fit in with the upper part. I think that the ashy tone will suit well with my real hair color later on because I have naturally a "green" tone to my dark brown hair instead of the red tone that brown hair usually have. Hopefully I will not need to dye my roots too many times to finally get the right fading color and let my hair rest until I get bored again, lol . . . Well, wish me luck 


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Yesterdays makeup, hair and co-ordヾ(☆▽☆)
Wore my wig and a simple makeup
New GEO Tricolor lenses
Bad outfit picture, but did not take a whole body shot yesterday
I am so charming, am I not ?


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Todays makeup, hair and co-ord (´∀`)♡