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Phew~ Finally done with packing my bags for Thailand. Had to run some errands after work so I was not home until midnight and that is when I started packing ε”ε”ε”ε”(ノ´・д・)ノ In 6 hours I will probably be on my way to the airport and at noon I will be up in the sky again. It is actually the second time I go to Thailand this year ! As last time I will be staying at Oriental Beach in Rayong. Can not wait until I get to eat all the delicious food again 
Pics from my last stay in Rayong

So good, so speciarrr

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Sunday 16/12 part II
Now on to the night part of sunday  After our Starbucks visit we started to head to Piccadilly Circus, but on our way it started to rain heavily. Since we were standing outside of a pub when the rain started pouring it was kind of a sign for us to go inside there. Our thought was to go inside, buy one or two beers while waiting for the rain to stop but of course that is not what happened. We ended up staying at the pub for 3(or more?) hours and ordered in total 9 pitchers which contained 4 glasses each, some beers, whiskey and big plates of snacks (*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*) Well, you can say that the tour around London by night got alot more amusing after the visit at the pub ! 
Kimii at the pub, the only sober one !
Jenny, my childhood friend 
Me and Lina, tipsy~
One of many pitchers
And the night tour begins
Piccadilly Circus
"Painfully thick." LOL
Entering China Town
People being asian
Dinner time~
No guards visible at this hour (´^`)
Ended the tour with Big Ben

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So yeah, I followed the mainstream and got an account ! My Formspring is kinda dead because I am forever alone and no one wants to ask me questions, so I hope that maybe someone is curious enough to ask me questions at (´∩`。) 
Pic from Lina

Herroooo, I am one of a kind

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Sunday 16/12
This day we went to explore London (・ε・)ノ When we arrived at the shopping district in London, Oxford Street and Bond Street, we all were starving. The Marlborough Head got to be our first stop and of course me, Kimii, Lina and Sebbe had to order Fish and Chips 
Lina and Sebbe on the subway
Emma and Kimii, the badasses
Svante, being a tour guide
Our first stop - Marlborough Head
The next stop after our huge meal was Victorias Secret. Their flagship store was amazing ! Too bad I did not have £40 to spend on a bra . . . Maybe one day, lol. Before we reached VS we also stopped by Forever21 and thereafter we went to various shops until it was time for a short break at Starbucks. 
Towards the VS store ヾ(  ̄▽)ゞ
Kimii and I found a cheap pair of Jeffrey Campbell fakes, wohoo~
The cashier at Starbucks misspelled my name(┬┬_┬┬)
DAMN, writing only one post about sunday is too long(for me) ! I will continue with the rest of sunday in another post (´-ω-`;)


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Saturday 15/12
So this is the day when I attended BIG BANGs concert in London. I started the day awfully hungover from the mix of beer and Smirnoff Ice the night before (_ _|||) This is why I prefer to just drink spirits, no mix of beer, wine or whatever(except energy drinks of course). Anyway, I went down to the pool in our hotel with Kimii and our friend Svante to take a swim. I felt a bit better after that but I was not fully recovered until we went to eat at a grill restaurant. Ouff~ We were so stuffed after the huge meal and extra dishes ! Guess it was a good thing since we had to go without food for the next 6-7 hours ( ̄ロ ̄;) At 4pm Jenny and I started to queue because of our early entry access. People were already starting to queue way ahead of us so we came up with a strategy on how to get pass everyone so we could be near the stage, lol. Aaaaand our first strategy was to leave our jackets at the hotel so that we would not need to stand in the queue for the wardrobe. That strategy did not work that well, so we used another one ! Fangirls are pretty dumb, running around the stage wherever the singers go, so Jenny and I took this as an opportunity to get a spot by the fence to the stage whenever the crazy fangirls left theirs. The stage was huge and shaped as a T, but this is where we finally ended up 
BIG BANG is the second group I discovered within the Kpop genre for over 4-5 years ago and I have been following them since then. The fact that I finally saw them live meant so much to me. When the concert started and they dropped the drape I actually got so overwhelmed that I cried for a second (´;ω;`) My overwhelmness went by pretty fast and I cheered, laughed and sang throughout the concert with happiness 
Since the concert was held for not too long ago I could not find any official photos from their live 15/12. Instead I am using photos from 14/12 by Allkpop.

London calling

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Friday 14/12
7am waking up in the morning. Gotta get fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal ♪ Lol no, that is not how my day went. I spent most of my day on the road during friday actually. Me, Jenny, Emma and Kimii met up around noon at the central station to exchange SEK to GBP before catching the train to the airport. Of course the train got delayed because of some problems, but fortunately we did not miss the plane to England ε=( ̄。 ̄;) From noon to 9-10pm we finally arrived at our hotel in Wembley, London. Why it took so long is because the way to and from our airports were so far away from town and we also stopped by Liverpool Street to eat KFC and buy travel tickets for our stay. At the hotel we all met up and went out to find a decent place to hang out and drink one or two or five beers. Without any luck we decided to just stop by the liquor store and bring drinks back to the hotel (^^;) And that is pretty much what happened during friday !
Kimii and Emma at the other side, folevel arone.
Back at the hotel after a visit at the liquor store !
Below are pics from Lina 


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Ouff~ I am so exhausted after my trip to London 14-17/12. Even thought I only traveled for 4 days, it sure sucked the life out of me. Let me explain why I went to London in the first place. If you listen to Kpop, BIG BANG in particular, you will probably know that they had a world tour and London was one of their stops. Since they realesed the dates for their concert 2-3(?) weeks before, this trip was very spontaneous. So basically Big Bang is the reason for my trip to England  I will divide the days during the trip in separate posts.
A beautiful gif of Kimii in London 
j9gWuY on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Oslo Meetup - Makeup tutorial

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Finally~! I managed to do a makeup tutorial of my look on the first day of the Oslo meetup. This makeup is pretty easy and if you, as I, find it very annoying to carry around your eyeshadow palette like these 
... then rest assured ! I do not use any eyeshadow for this look, but that does not mean that you would not be able to create shades. Let us begin the tutorial \(≧∇≦)/
1. I like to begin with using a BB cream on the dark places/blemishes on my face and finish off with a foundation powder all over the face. Thereafter I use a light brown eyebrow pencil to shape my brows.
2. With the same light brown eyebrow pencil, I contour my nose on the sides to create a more define and smaller nose. And blend it out.
3. No need for the light eyebrow pencil anymore so, now it is time to make the brows lighter(if you are unnaturally blonde and have dark eyebrows). I use Dolly Winks eyebrow mascara #1 Milktea Brown.
4. Time for highlights ! I use a white eyeliner for this actually and I apply it on these parts(picture below). And of course blend it out afterwards.
5. I will now prove why I do not need eyeshadow for this look. Instead, I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil to contour my crease and draw a line on the "wing" and under my lower lashes. And then, blend it out so that you would not look like a 5 year old trying to use makeup.
6. Thereafter it is time for black eyeliner. On the upper lashes I like to use liquid eyeliner for a more define look. And I apply it as the picture shows below. Hereafter I usually curl my lashes, but since my eyelash curler is broken I could not do it for this tutorial.
7. And then it is time for eyeliner under the lower lashes. I use an eyeliner pencil here, because I want to create a more shadow-like line rather than a define line.
8. Now to the false lashes ! For this look I used Diamonds Lash - Glamorous Eye. I do not like this modell actually, because they are too hard and plastic-like compared to my other Diamond Lash set.
9. For the lower lashes I used Diamond Lash - Model Eyes. These lower lashes are divided into 5 pieces.
10. And now for the last step. Blush ! I use a pink blush for my cheeks and a darker blush/bronze powder on my jawline to create an illusion of a slimmer face.
Voila~! Hope you enjoyed my non-photoshoped face lol . . . SOMEONE GET ME PHOTOSHOP PLSKTHXBYE.