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Geo Tricolor Brown - Review

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And I am out with a review again~! These lenses are the last one out of all four pairs I own. I bought these from Pinkyparadise for $20.90 
Outdoors lightning
Indoors lightning
With flash
Geo Tricolor is definitely one of the most comfortable brands I have ever tried. I have worn these lenses for more than ten hours before and they were surprisingly comfortable throughout the time. But as I always say, your eyes will of course feel a little tired from lenses and even more if you wear falselashes too. 
Design ◆◇◇◇◇
The design of these circle lenses are very plain and almost boring, but I wanted a pair of natural brown circle lenses so I definitely got it.
Enlargment ◆◆◇◇◇
Not much of an enlargment since they only are 14.00mm in diameter. 
Color ◆◆◆◆◇
I think that the color is okay and suits well for a more natural look. In bright light the color gives a very vibrant color which I like.

Laos part VIII

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Now on to the last post about my trip to Laos this summer (/_・、)/~ My last days there I spent some time with Jenny at a Buddha Park a bit outside of town and ate a lot of delicious food with friends and cousins. I really recommend anyone who have not visited the Buddha Park before to do so ! Unfortunately it rained during our visit there, but I will definitely revisit next time. The only downside of going there is that the road to the park is awful (>_<) I have never experienced such a bumpy ride before, haha . . . However, here are my last photos from Laos
Jenny outside of Buddha Park
Pouring rain . . .
buddhapark on Make A Gif
Hot pot 
At a BBQ restaurant
My younger cousin, Addy
Hope you enjoyed my eight(!!) posts about Laos ♡ 

Gals and Shit ☭ Finland Edition

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So yeah, another Gals and Shit meetup took place and this time in glorious Finland ! The official date for the meetup was 1st of August, but Kimii and I arrived the day before. Our plan was to take it easy the first day and save our strenght for the actual meetup. That was the plan. Instead we ended up at Sini´s place prepartying, for the meetup ?! I do not complain thought because I had an awesome night 
Kimii and I boarding the plane to Helsinki.
The day after, the official meetup day, we all met up at Viivi´s place to hang out and party~! I was too lazy to bring my camera with me that day so the only pictures I got is of my own look taken with mobile camera for Twitter and Instagram before we headed out. Anyway, had lots of fun at the party and got to know new people ヽ(^^)(^^)ノ 
Vine video taken by Alex from the first night of Gals and Shit
Now on to the second day of the meetup ! We met up quite late on the evening and took a boat to an island named Suomenlinna where we had a picnic ( ^o^) Everyone brought something with them and we all shared like a cute little family. We stayed on the island until midnight I think and then took the boat back to town. Some of us wanted to continue the night so a gay club was the next destination ! My last destination was, of course, McDonald´s but I heard that some of the others ended up swimming in the beach when the sun had already gone up. Crazy people !!
Waiting for the boat
We are on a boat 
Kimii and I 
Arrived on the island
Viivi, me, Heikki and Oona being badasses
With Jojo 
Waiting for the boat back to town
And now on to the third day. Adorable Oona booked tables for us at a fancy club for this night  Once again, I had lots of fun. How can you not have a good time with these people?
Tsuomasu being a host with the bottle, all ready !
Oona, Kimii and Sascha
Good-looking people !!
Oona, me and Tuomas
Marijela, Tuomas and two strangers lol
Chocolate presents from Jojo~!
Sascha, Rosa and Jojo
Me, mysterious cute girl, Kimii and Ryunde
Gorgeous Viivi
Marijela and André
Fabulous Jopo
With Ryunde
Handsome Eivind
And with Niklas
Oona and Heikki
Inside the club
There was a fourth and last day of the meetup where people went to a restaurant for dinner, but I was not feeling well so I skipped it(;へ:)Too bad because I did not get to say bye to everyone properly since we traveled home the day after. I want to thank everyone for attending and making it to an awesome meetup and memory(´ω`♡%)And of course thank all the Finnish hosts ☭