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Laos part VII

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Here is another picture post, but from northern Laos; Vang Vieng \(^○^)人(^○^)/
Katty and I before our adventurous day started !
I miss these super cheap stores by the roads 
Arrived at the "camp" with waterfalls and streams all over the place
People playing in the water
Typical asian photographer-pose right there !!
Going in to the water~
Jenny being unconsciously good looking (^_−)☆
On our way back to the "camp"
After a while we went down to the stream below our "camp"
Posing in front of the Vang Vieng gate before we headed home
To be continued . . .

Skin- and haircare routine

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I have only been posting about Laos lately so I decided to change things up a little and do a post about my skin- and haircare routine (○゚ε^○)v To be honest I did not care that much about typical beauty routines a few months ago. I used to just wash my face with soap and occasionally use a heat protecting spray before straightening my hair. But when staying in Laos for such a long time I started to get motivated and interested in beauty products. I do not know if Southeast Asia is marketing more beauty products compared to Europe, or if I just randomly got the strenght to care. Anyway, these are the products I am currently using 
1 - In Laos, POND´S is a cheap and popular beauty brand and you can find it basically in every convenience store. Since I came back from Laos, which is almost a month now, I have been using "age miracle" face wash every morning. Why use an anti aging product when you are only 20 years old, you ask? Better start now before it is too late, is my answer ! In the beginning my face was not used to this kind of product so of course my skin got dry. But that is why I use my next product~
2 - Nivea Visage Daily Essentials moisturizer. I have been using this product for quite a while actually. Since Sweden can be really cold and is overall very dry compared to humid asia, my face tend to get easily dry. Therefore I use this day cream so that my face will be smooth and the makeup will look even.
3 - Every night I wash my face with POND´S "no blackheads" and this I have also been doing for almost a month. So far I am very pleased with my skincare routine. I can not even recall the last time I had a nasty zit on my face ! 
4 - Now on to my haircare routine. If there is something that I suck at, then it is taking care of my hair. I have been bleaching the hell out of my hair for a long time and damaged it even more with heat products. But now I have dyed my hair darker and hopefully I will not dye it again for a very long time. However, when I do damage my hair with heat products I use Syoss heat protection spray to at least try to be a little merciful.
5 - This is my newest addition to my haircare routine. Once a week I will apply "Mandelolja", almond oil, from the brand APL on my hair and let it be throughout the night. The morning after I will of course have to rinse it away since it is very oily. I have only done this once so I am very excited to see if there will be any kind of improvement later on.
6 - There was a time when my hair was so damaged that I had no idea how it would possible repair itself. So I got desperate and bought this TRESemmé hair treatment masque for extra dry, brittle hair. At that time I basically used it every time I washed my hair, but now that my hair has repaired a little I have stepped down to only using it once a week. Why I did this is because when I used the masque it made my hair fall off, unusally much. Apart from the hair loss, the masque does actually make my hair feel healthier. 
7 - And now to the last part of my beauty post. Once a week, for almost a month now, I have been scrubbing my body with an exfoliating glove to get rid of dead skin. I do not use a body scrub cream for this, just a normal body wash cream works fine for me. I will probably continue with this routine every week because I love how soft and smooth my skin gets after the scrub 
Well, I hope I might have inspired or given ideas for your own skin- and haircare routine ! Everyone should take care of themselves ( ^▽^) Do you have an awesome routine that you want to share then go ahead~

Laos part VI

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This will basically be a picture post from my tourist day in the capital of Laos; Vientiane. A bit weird and fun that I actually touristed around my own hometown ( ̄∇ ̄;)
Way in to "That Luang"
"Patuxay Park"
Fail jump photo #1 shirt covers face
Fail jump photo #2 hair covers face
"Mekong Park"
A "beach" created after a dry part from the Mekong River
To be continued . . .

Laos part V

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Ouff ! It has been a while since I last wrote about my stay in Laos. Well, let me start by telling about a night which ended with me owning a Johnnie Walker Gold Label bottle. The night started at a huge place called Gold Star where you can book karaoke rooms, drink and dance in the club "room"(which was as big as a regular club) and I think you can even have a wedding reception somewhere in the building. Jenny and I met up with my cousin Katty and a few of her classmates at a karaoke room for some food and drinks while, of course, singing karaoke. We did not stay there for long, instead we continued the night at the club "room". The fun part about the club is that during midnight they hold a dancing contest which the DJ decide the winner by listening to the crowds cheering. They let six girls get up on the stage and dance to a song and when the DJ asks the crowd to cheer for the contestants they liked they will start with eliminating those who got the least cheers and so it continues until the last standing contestant. Before midnight Katty and her classmates wanted me and Jenny to join the contest and win free alcohol, haha . . . At first Jenny and I was a bit hesitant about entering the contest but we thought that "hey, no one will ever see us again since we do not live here so why not?" and then got up on the stage at midnight(⌒◇⌒;) At the end of the contest Jenny got fourth place, winning four beer cans, and I got first place, winning the Johnnie Walker whiskey bottle ! I still do not know if I am proud over winning or not, because all the contestants had to at least dance a little skanky to get the crowds attention but I tried my best show off my "profesionall" dance skills too. I have after all been dancing since I was in middle school ┌|T_T|┘ Anyway, that is my story to how I got a pretty expensive whiskey bottle for free. Or wait, it was not really for free. I actually worked really hard for it, haha . . .
Sweaty but pleased that I won that damn bottle !
Now moving on (゜∀゜)ノ The day after we went for some noodle soup, that I think is usually eaten as a hangover recovery but I am not sure. After that I have no idea what we did but some day after that we met up again and went to support a friends soccer game. Thought we did not support that much, instead our focus went straight to a look-alike of Onew from SHINee (≧▽≦) We had to get a photo of him so after the game we asked for a picture !
See the look-alike between me and Jenny??
To be continued . . .

Laos part IV

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The day after we "touristed" around the temples my cousin left me off at Jennys place before going to school. Jenny and I went out to search for adventure and ended up at a local restaurant, hungry for lunch (・ρ・) Thereafter we visited a shop with a super cute little dog ! We walked around for a while and then decided to go back to the house to rest a bit before we went to the shopping mall/market we visited the day before. The name of it is Talat Sao, meaning Morning Market, and is right by my cousins school so when her classes ended we went to meet her up.
The tiny little dog !
"LITTLE EMO" Jenny and I laughed so hard when we found this . . .
At Little G Café in the Morning Market
Some of Kattys classmates wanted to get togheter after school so we went to the same restaurant as the one I went to the first day in Laos. We ordered the most delicious fish dish I have ever had, papaya salad, fried morning glory and, of course, beer. But we did not stay there for long, instead we moved to another location - one of her classmates house. We stayed there for hours, eating and drinking, before we went out to club at a place called "What's Club". Weird name, but we always called the place "What'sApp" instead. No reason really for the nickname, other than the actual name of the application for smartphones. Anyway, I had a blast at the club  If you are looking for a club with good music and non-smoking indoors in Laos, then this is the place for you. Here are more facts about Laos 1 - When you go to a club in Laos you will probably suffocate from all the smoke indoors, except for in What's Club. 2 - There are no "dance floors" because the whole club is filled with small tables which you dance/stand/sit by with your friends. 3 - It is rarely fun to go out with only 2-3 people in Laos. It is way more fun to be in a big group of people because Lao people usually do not dance or hang out with strangers. Except for creeps who are trying to pick up young girls. Well, that is it for todays facts about Laos ( ゚▽゚)/
The delicious fish dish
Spicy papaya salad, my favorite dish of all time 
At the club
Happy Jenny~
Katty and I 
I love the guy in the back, dancing so sexually haha . . .
To be continued . . .

Laos part III

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It had been over ten years ago since both me and my childhood friend, Jenny, were in Laos at the same time. This year we reunited in our home country  Jenny is also a so-called "eurasian", half Lao and half British. We met up for breakfast/lunch at the Pizza Company and togheter visited Kattys school. The school my cousin was attending teached tourism and guide information so, on the afternoon Jenny and I followed their class to two different temples. The day started with a little rain so it was quite "chilly" but later on the sun came out and it was hot again (_ _;)
Reunited with Jenny in Laos !
Bigass glass of ice coffee at Pizza Company
On our way to the temples
It means luck if you find a flower with five petals from this kind of bush
The very old, yet beautiful, temple
I wore shorts that day so I had to borrow a kind of skirt called "sin"
Jenny with her favorite creature - Dragon
On our way out from the first temple
And to the next one !
There were several "halls" like this around the temple
Look ! So many mini buddha statues on the walls
You are not allowed to take photos inside the temples, therefore only pictures outside
We went to a shopping mall/market after our sightseeing and found this H&M, haha . . .
To be continued . . .