Lydia Vimala

Laos part V


Ouff ! It has been a while since I last wrote about my stay in Laos. Well, let me start by telling about a night which ended with me owning a Johnnie Walker Gold Label bottle. The night started at a huge place called Gold Star where you can book karaoke rooms, drink and dance in the club "room"(which was as big as a regular club) and I think you can even have a wedding reception somewhere in the building. Jenny and I met up with my cousin Katty and a few of her classmates at a karaoke room for some food and drinks while, of course, singing karaoke. We did not stay there for long, instead we continued the night at the club "room". The fun part about the club is that during midnight they hold a dancing contest which the DJ decide the winner by listening to the crowds cheering. They let six girls get up on the stage and dance to a song and when the DJ asks the crowd to cheer for the contestants they liked they will start with eliminating those who got the least cheers and so it continues until the last standing contestant. Before midnight Katty and her classmates wanted me and Jenny to join the contest and win free alcohol, haha . . . At first Jenny and I was a bit hesitant about entering the contest but we thought that "hey, no one will ever see us again since we do not live here so why not?" and then got up on the stage at midnight(⌒◇⌒;) At the end of the contest Jenny got fourth place, winning four beer cans, and I got first place, winning the Johnnie Walker whiskey bottle ! I still do not know if I am proud over winning or not, because all the contestants had to at least dance a little skanky to get the crowds attention but I tried my best show off my "profesionall" dance skills too. I have after all been dancing since I was in middle school ┌|T_T|┘ Anyway, that is my story to how I got a pretty expensive whiskey bottle for free. Or wait, it was not really for free. I actually worked really hard for it, haha . . .
Sweaty but pleased that I won that damn bottle !
Now moving on (゜∀゜)ノ The day after we went for some noodle soup, that I think is usually eaten as a hangover recovery but I am not sure. After that I have no idea what we did but some day after that we met up again and went to support a friends soccer game. Thought we did not support that much, instead our focus went straight to a look-alike of Onew from SHINee (≧▽≦) We had to get a photo of him so after the game we asked for a picture !
See the look-alike between me and Jenny??
To be continued . . .


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