Lydia Vimala

3day2night Bar & Restaurant


Bangkok is an amazing place when it comes to nightlife  There are tons of clubs, bars and pubs around the city but I have only been here for five to six months so I am no way near to have visited them all. However, I have discovered a few cool places of course (^_-) One of them is 3day2night Bar & Restaurant at Lad Prao Wanghin! The place is divided into three different areas; the restaurant and karaoke "houses" located by the farm, an indoor nightclub where DJs and live bands play and lastly an outdoor restaurant/bar where you can enjoy shisha and live bands. It sounds pretty weird that there is a farm at such a place but I guess that is what makes the place cool~!
The farm
The small karaoke houses
Emma and Lin
Farmer Lin with her pitchfork Emma, lol
"If you want a stable relationship get a Alpaca"
I only took proper photos of the farm area unfortunately. Anyway, if you want to start off the night with karaoke and end it at a club then I highly recommend 3day2night, and also because it offers pretty much everything for a night out with friends. You can also visit their page on Facebook for more information about location and opening hours. Until next time then 


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