Lydia Vimala

South Korea Part III


This post will mostly be about food but, of course, who says no to that? So after we visited the beach in Gangneung we only had four days left in Seoul. They were well spent with friends, food, alcohol, karaoke, shopping and last but not least; the wedding  Here are some pictures from our last few days 
Cool chicken restaurant in Hongdae and an Emma in her natural habitat
Market in Jongno
Jongno had some nice chicken too d(´▽`)
Karaoke in Shincheon 
One last visit in Myeongdong(┰_┰)
Posing awkwardly with Lin ( ゚▽゚)/
Delicious Jjimdak 
Continued the night in Dongdaemun where we found Swedish Fika
Late night "snack" with Austin
Dak Galbi
Last but not least we have the wedding! I took a lot of photos at the ceremony so I will save them for the last part of my trip to South Korea. To be continued...


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