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Gosh, how I miss blogging. If I had anything fun or interesting to blog about I would have already done it by now, but it has been too long since last time so I thought "fuck it, I will blog anyways". Now the question is what I am supposed to blog about . . . I guess this will be an update post then ! Of what I have been doing since summer ヾ(^∇^) Well, right after I returned from the Gals and Shit meetup in Finland I worked quite intense with only a few days off now and then. Whenever I was off I tried to plan something fun to do and it often ended with me meeting up friends to eat, hang out and/or party  There was one night when the girls and I planned to have a traditional girls night out, all dressed up with no guys with us. We started at a Thai restaurant, called Thai Boat because the restaurant is on an actual boat. I had never been there before and there were very good rumors about the place so I was really excited to try it out.
Here is my Vine of the food we ordered to share
I loved it  The restaurant was so cozy and the food was amazing. I wished I had brought my camera with me, but I was too lazy since we were going out to a club later on. Anyway, we continued our night at a club as mentioned but when we arrived to the club we got surprised by the guys that also decided to come to the same place. There goes our "girls night out"(_ _;)I do not complain thought, because we had fun after all ! Next up is when I went to my friends Circus-themed birthday party. She is an old classmate and I had not seen her for such a long time so it was really fun to attend the party, along with other classmates. 
Julia dressed as the Lion King haha . . .
Only one week after the birthday party some of us from our old class met up for a classic home-party  Some of us had not seen each other since graduation so it was really fun to catch up with everyone. So many memories from our time togheter in school and previous parties 
Me, doing a weird face . . .
Gorgeous Amanda
My babes, Julia and Jennifer
I do not even . . .
Now on to something completely different ! Last weekend I attended Eat Your Kimchi´s fanmeeting here in Stockholm. For those who do not now about EYK - They are a Canadian couple, living in Korea while working as "Youtubers". They are popular for their weekly videos, such as "Kpop Music Monday" where they review various Kpop music videos.
I have been subscribing their account for such a long time now and to get to see them for real was really weird, but in a good way. They are great people so it was very entertaining. Hope they enjoy their stay in Sweden (^○^) Phew~ I think that was all for my update post ! Ending with a remix of Seungri´s song. Until next time then 


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