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So there has been requests about a new makeup tutorial and what makeup products I use (・ω・) I decided to combine these two requests in one post, but with more focus on my products since I quite recently made a tutorial that is almost the same as this one. Only a few changes in the tutorial since I have bought some new products. Head over to my usual makeup routine for a more detailed post ! Now, on to the tutorial + introduction of my makeup products▼
1. I start with applying my Precious Mineral, Bright Fit BB Cream from Etude House on my blemishes and dark areas around the face and blend it out with a foundation brush from H&M.
2. Thereafter I use my eyebrow pencil in light brown, also from H&M, to contour my nose, because fuck logic and use whatever you have lol . . .
3. And for my eyebrows I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil that I got from my friend. He bought it from Ebay so just search "eyebrow pen gold leopard" and you will find it d(⌒o⌒)
4. Next, I curl my lashes before I apply anything on my eyes to prevent smudged eye makeup. I think the curler was from H&M, if I remember correctly.
5. Now to the third eyebrow pencil; dark brown from H&M. This one I use to shade around my eyes to create a deeper eyelid crease and bigger illusion of my eyes.
6. Shit, almost forgot highlightning ! I am using H&Ms white eyeliner pencil to highlight my eyebrow bones, nose bridge and the inner corners of my eyes.
7. For my cheeks I am using some random blusher that I bought from Thailand, named Belenra Make Up Artist.
8. MACs Prep + Prime powder is a new product of mine actually. I apply a very light layer of this on my whole face with an Isa Dora brush to prevent my face from looking oily/glossy.
9. Time for falselashes  For my upper lashes I have combined two different lashes to create a more dramatic look. I am using Diamond Lash Volume series #1 Sexy and a another pair that I do not remember the name of. But they look like a smaller version of Diamond Lash Lady Glamorous series #2 Cat.
10. For lower lashes I have cut small pieces from a pair that are bought from an Ebay seller; Starangle88, model 047. 
11. Since I only use false lower lashes on the outer corner of my eyes, I apply mascara on my real lower lashes. I can not remember the name of the mascara because the name has faded away. 
12. To finish this makeup look, use a liquid eyeliner pencil to draw a "wing" and mark your inner eye corner from where the false lashes ends. I love this new eyeliner of mine, by the way  Mistline Super Black.
And the finish look~
Random picture of my ombre hair


  • Ellen says:

    Hej! Kan du tipsa om några bra lösögonfransar som man kan köpa i en vanlig sminkaffär t.ex kicks? :)

    Hur många gånger kan man använda samma lösögonfransar?

    Och är det svårt att sätta dit dom?

    Jättetacksam om du svarar :)

    Kram Ellen

    Svar: Hej Ellen! Jag har tyvärr inte provat lösögonfransar från svenska affärer, men vad jag brukar kolla efter när jag letar fransar är att dom är lättböjliga. Om dom inte är det så kan det vara väldigt svårt att få dom att sitta rätt :/Det finns ingen "regel" för hur många gånger man kan använda samma lösögonfrans, det beror helt enkelt på hur försiktig man är med dom!
    Som sagt så kan det vara svårt att sätta dit lösögonfransar om dom inte är lättböjliga, men annars så är det bara att träna tills man hittar rätt teknik :)
    Lydia Vimala

    2013-09-03 | 23:04:01

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