Lydia Vimala

South Korea Part II


Let us continue with our adventures in South Korea! After the drunken night in Hongdae we took one day off to recharge our energy. Thereafter we visited Dongdaemun again but this time we walked around during the evening. Cozy~!
Next day we met up with another friend of mine - Yameki. Oh my, when was the last time we met? I think it was in 2011.. Anyway, we met up in Hongdae, of course, and catched up over some drinks. Before meeting up with Yameki and his cute girlfriend we girls went for some BBQ. I really like the omelette thingy around the grill 
While in Hongdae we ran into two of our new friends, Kim and Seungyong. They told us about their plan on taking a road trip to the beach next morning and asked us if we wanted to join. Emma and I felt a bit hesitant at first since it already was around 3am but then we thought "Fuck it, we are on a vacation in South Korea!" and said yes ヽ(^^) After our decision we took a cab back with Yameki and his girlfriend to get some sleep. But! Before sleep, let us eat some more..
As promised, our two friends came to pick us up in the morning at the hotel. We were a group of eight people so we went by two cars from Seoul and met up in Gangneung. The roadtrip took about three hours so when we arrived at the beach it was time for lunch. On the menu was seafood! And plenty of it(♡▽♡)After the big meal it was time for speed boat. I had a lot of fun  We were so sad that we had to head back after a couple of hours but we will definitely go on another roadtrip again next time!
Gangneung beach
On our way to the seafood restaurant
To be continued...


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