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Malls in Bangkok


Wow, it has been two months since I last blogged. Guess it is time to update then (^^; ) So Lin was in Bangkok for vacation some weeks ago and we met up for shopping. Platinum shopping mall is our favorite mall in Bangkok! It is huge, has over 2000 shops and is pretty cheap so of course we had to show it for Lin. Here are some photos I took while we strolled around 
Another shopping mall I would like to show you guys is Terminal21. It is located right by Asoke BTS station, has over 600 shops, various restaurants, cafés and cinema. Every floor has different themes which is pretty cool too d(´▽`)
There are a lot of shopping malls around Bangkok so I will probably make a part two of this post later on. Until then 


  • Yang~ says:

    Åhh vill också till Asien igen... T_T

    2014-05-12 | 21:53:12
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