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South Korea Part I


It has been exactly two months since I last blogged. Meanwhile I was away I have started working at a guest house and currently lives there. There has been many changes and a lot of new things to learn so most of my energy went to work. But after a month of work Emma and I packed our bags and went to South Korea for two weeks. We attended our friends wedding in Seoul and also took the time to explore the city. It rained most of the time during the first week but our last week was awesome! We arrived Seoul pretty late in the evening so after checking in at the hotel we went out in search for food and beer.
Emma looking happy with food and beer v(^-^)o旦
After food we went to a bar for more beer!
Two days after, Lin arrived Seoul! We explored the shopping districts Dongdaemun and Myeongdong during the day and ended up in Hongdae at night. Had a lot of fun and made new friends at Ho bar. Gotta love that name 
Entering the shopping streets in Myeongdong
Super Junior in Hongdae hahah (≧∇≦)
I love these kind of bars in Seoul. Super cozy~!
Ho bar is a big bar/club chain in Seoul. You can find it everywhere!
The day after, Emma and I met up with the soon-to-wed couple in another district called Jeongbalsan. We had Korean BBQ and hung out at SoHyuns friends pub called LePub. Really enjoyed meeting them again but at midnight we had to part ways to catch the last bus and train. When we arrived back at the hotel we met up with Lin, who did not have dinner yet so we ended up having BBQ again at 1am. Our new friend that we met from Ho bar the other day joined us then. Beer led to Soju and Soju led to Makgeolli. We introduced the Swedish drinking game Ring of Fire to our new friend Kim. Whenever we teach people this game it has always become popular! At 5am we teached Kim some Swedish too. It was beautiful 
SoHyun and Carl, the soon-to-wed couple(人´∀`*)
At LePub
Swedes, can you spot our notes?
"Satans jävla kukhål" A very useful phrase when you visit Sweden d(´▽`)
Oh my, I had a lot of fun that night. But now to the next day! We met up with Tsuomasu and his beautiful girlfriend Mitsuki in Hongdae for dinner at Doma. It had been about a year since I last met Tsuomasu so it was really nice to hang out again. Unfortunately, they had to go back pretty quick because of an early flight but Emma, Lin and I stayed in Hongdae to meet up with some Korean friends. Emma and Lin met them the first time during their vacation in Bangkok. It is really fun how you meet people from around the world and when you visit their homecountry you get to hang out again! Anyway, we visited various clubs and bars in Hongdae until dawn and.. Well, Emmas snapback says it all
BBQ at Doma
World Cup celebration at club NB2
To be continued...


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