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3day2night Bar & Restaurant

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Bangkok is an amazing place when it comes to nightlife  There are tons of clubs, bars and pubs around the city but I have only been here for five to six months so I am no way near to have visited them all. However, I have discovered a few cool places of course (^_-) One of them is 3day2night Bar & Restaurant at Lad Prao Wanghin! The place is divided into three different areas; the restaurant and karaoke "houses" located by the farm, an indoor nightclub where DJs and live bands play and lastly an outdoor restaurant/bar where you can enjoy shisha and live bands. It sounds pretty weird that there is a farm at such a place but I guess that is what makes the place cool~!
The farm
The small karaoke houses
Emma and Lin
Farmer Lin with her pitchfork Emma, lol
"If you want a stable relationship get a Alpaca"
I only took proper photos of the farm area unfortunately. Anyway, if you want to start off the night with karaoke and end it at a club then I highly recommend 3day2night, and also because it offers pretty much everything for a night out with friends. You can also visit their page on Facebook for more information about location and opening hours. Until next time then 

Malls in Bangkok

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Wow, it has been two months since I last blogged. Guess it is time to update then (^^; ) So Lin was in Bangkok for vacation some weeks ago and we met up for shopping. Platinum shopping mall is our favorite mall in Bangkok! It is huge, has over 2000 shops and is pretty cheap so of course we had to show it for Lin. Here are some photos I took while we strolled around 
Another shopping mall I would like to show you guys is Terminal21. It is located right by Asoke BTS station, has over 600 shops, various restaurants, cafés and cinema. Every floor has different themes which is pretty cool too d(´▽`)
There are a lot of shopping malls around Bangkok so I will probably make a part two of this post later on. Until then