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Laos part II

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Now on to the next part ! My second day in Laos I think I went out for dinner at a pretty fancy restaurant called Khorp Chai Deu - meaning "Thank you". Or it might have been the day after that, I can not recall. Either way, the restaurant is located very central in the city and serves Lao, Thai and a few western dishes. You can even listen to various live bands that play every night at the restaurant. Another fact about Laos is that there are so many talented musicians playing at bars and restaurants every night. They play maybe one and a half hour at one restaurant and then moves to the next location for another hour or two. It is very fun and heartwarming because the musicians communicate with the audiance and receives song requests  
Cousins heading out for dinner
One of my favorite dish in Laos - Laab
These two girls singing are so talented
Katty and I were so underdressed compared to our other cousins, haha . . .
Now fast forwarding to the day when Katty was free from school and we spent the day togheter. We started with going to a Korean restaurant for some BBQ ! It was so delicious(♡▽♡)I am starting to drool just by thinking about it . . . After we finished at the restaurant we went back home to take a walk along the Mekong river, which is right by our neighborhood. You can even see Thailand across the river ( ^▽^)σ When the sun had set our next and last plan for the day was to visit the night market by the Mekong river.
At the Korean restaurant
Our neighborhood
Thailand behind me !
The night market
To be continued . . .

Laos part I

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Oh boy ! There are so many things that I want to write about after my stay in Laos, my fingers are so eager. Let us begin with my arrival ( ^_^)/ My cousin, Katty, picked me up at the airport when I arrived around 1PM and when we reached home I went around the neighborhood to greet aunts and uncles that barely recognized me after my last stay four years ago, haha . . . Thereafter me and Katty went to the market near our house to buy food since I was craving for papaya salad (;´ρ`)
I remember how happy I felt at that moment. Reunited with my family and eating the kind of food that I once upon a time ate everyday. Oh god, this is harder than I thought. I am writing my first post about Laos and I am already crying because I miss it so much(┬┬_┬┬)Okay, time to get my shit togheter. Later on the evening I sat outside our house along with other neighbors and drank Beer Lao. A few facts when drinking beer in Laos is 1 - You drink beer with lots of ice, because it is too hot in Laos and also if you do not have ice you will be wasted before others even get tipsy. Beer Lao is extremely cheap and Lao people drink a lot of it several days a week. 2 - Lao people cheers a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. This is why you need ice. You drink practically all the time and the beer never ends, because people keep pouring beer in to your glass all the time. Well, that is it for todays lesson about Laos (^-^ ) After a few hours of drinking me and my cousins decided to continue the night at a restaurant and thereafter a club called @ Home. Genius name, actually ! "Where are you?" - "At home!" lol . . .
Cousin and aunt demonstrating sticky rice and Beer Lao, haha
My cousin, Katty 
Cousins, at the restaurant
At @ Home (Ps. My new hair color!)
To be continued . . .