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Boats and Gals 2.0 - VLOG

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Kimii and I made a vlog update in our cabin before meeting everyone at the bar/disco/whatever it was. At the end we said that there will be more videos from the night, aaaaand we lied (^^;) The only videos we recorded other than this was when Tuomas, Alex and Daniel went catwalking in the corridor lol . . .

Boats and Gals 2.0

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It was quite a while ago that mine and Kimii's event, Boats and Gals 2.0 cruise, took place and I am sorry for the super late post about it (-人-;) My friend took the photos but I have constantly forgotten to borrow them. Well, here goes ! The idea started off at the Oslo summer meetup when people showed interest for visiting Stockholm for a meetup. Since I live in Stockholm I took the liberty of starting up an event togheter with my partner in crime, aka Kimii. When the day came, 10th of October, both old and new friends arrived to Stockholms harbour for a 23 hours cruise. At 7pm we boarded the cruise and partied throughout the trip with only 3-5 hours of sleep ! Hardcoooore (゜ロ゜)
Sini and Daniel
The boss making important calls, lol
Kimii getting ready in our cabin
My look for the night
G-hosts !
Up at the disco with partypeople
Giving out presents for birthday kids(dafuq is Marcus doing?)
Time to PARTY
Kimii and Mio
Mio and Rin
When the real party started there where no time for photos  I think people went to sleep at latest around 6-7am, lol. But no slacking on the Boats and Gals 2.0 cruise !! We started the after party at 3pm when the tax free opened and continued the party until we got off the boat (≧▽≦)
Snatched a picture from Kimii where you can see my whole outfit
And then the after party started
(Almost) Everyone gathered the day after, all worn out lol

This is Thailand part IV

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Now to the next stop in Pattaya ! We stopped by The Avenue to get our nails done and then wandered around town in search for a decent restaurant. Our main plan for visiting Pattaya was actually to experience Walking Street, but unfortunately we had to leave earlier than planned so we did not have time for it(;へ:)
My nails are the one with leopard prints
Piña colada for realz
My friends and I got pretty upset about not being able to party in Pattaya so we took a ferry the day after from Rayong to the island Koh Samed and partied all night long  Thereafter it was time to go back to Bangkok a few days before we took the flight home. Made a small last shopping and even got to eat at the luxurious rooftop restaurant Breeze at Lebua. Went up to Sirroco's sky bar too ! Fun fact is that Hangover part II shot a scene there (^▽^) Well, that is pretty much what I did during my stay in Thailand this time. Next time I go back might not be too long away~
Amari Watergate hotel
Platinum shopping mall outside my window from the room
My last Mister Donut meal (´^`)

This is Thailand part III

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The last weekend before heading home we went to Pattaya. Our first stop was Nong Nooch tropical garden (^○^)/ If you have not been there before you should really pay a visit. First we went to watch Thai traditional dances and martial arts show and thereafter the elephant show !
Muay Thai
Elephant says hi~
Got a picture togheter with a tiger Σ(o>艸<)
After the shows we went for a thirty minute tour around the beautiful garden. There were so many things to see and if I have the chance to go back someday I will surely do it because three hours is not enough time to experience everything they have to offer. 
Panda and I are twins !
Asdfghj the view
To be continued . . .

This is Thailand part II

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First night of the new year we went to a beautiful outdoors restaurant called "Classic Forest". They serve all different kinds of Thai food and even typical Western dishes, such as spaghetti. My friends and I ordered some various dishes and shared it togheter ! Fried rice with seafood, papaya salad, deep fried squid and one super, SUPER, spicy dish with seafood ( ノД`)シ And for dessert, we had banana flambe with vanilla ice cream.
The day after we went to Bangkok for shopping ! I was too busy spending all my money so I only managed to take one picture of my snack during a break from the shopping spree (´-ω-`;)
To be continued . . .

This is Thailand part I

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Aaaaand I am back(^v^)
Still a little jetlagged but I will use my free time to blog as much as possible before the hectic reality kicks in. So, where to begin? I flew to Bangkok all by myself and that is one of the most boring things I have ever done in my life. It took me a total of 16 hours because of the transfer. Since I only managed to sleep 3 hours in total I was pretty tired when I arrived to Rayong. During the night my dear friends(who I met up in Rayong) and I went out for dinner and thereafter I just went to bed (。-ω-)zzz The day after we went to the island "Koh Samed" by speedboat and hang out on the beach.
And then it was new years eve 。.:*☆ I got pretty sick during new year so I tried drinking a little whiskey, but of course that did not work so I ate some painkillers and luckily my fever went down before midnight. There were fireworks and lanterns which we lighted up with a wish~
Cousins playing sexy models lol
To be continued . . .