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This is Thailand part III


The last weekend before heading home we went to Pattaya. Our first stop was Nong Nooch tropical garden (^○^)/ If you have not been there before you should really pay a visit. First we went to watch Thai traditional dances and martial arts show and thereafter the elephant show !
Muay Thai
Elephant says hi~
Got a picture togheter with a tiger Σ(o>艸<)
After the shows we went for a thirty minute tour around the beautiful garden. There were so many things to see and if I have the chance to go back someday I will surely do it because three hours is not enough time to experience everything they have to offer. 
Panda and I are twins !
Asdfghj the view
To be continued . . .


  • Jojo says:

    Thailand seems like such an amazing country! I hope I can go there as well someday ^^ and the tiger looks so cute haha, but I would be scared to be so close to it ;A;

    I followed you on bloglovin now so I hope it will be easier to keep up with your blogposts now ^^

    Svar: It really is an amazing country ! What would be best is if you actually had a local or someone who knows much about the country go with you because it is then you will truly get to experience Thailand (^○^)
    Yay~ I already followed you by bloglovin since I don't use blogspot haha !
    Lydia Vimala

    2013-01-20 | 23:10:24

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