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While you keep on standing still

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Sunday ! The day when you get your shit togheter before a new week. My sunday is fully booked with things to do, and blogging is actually one of those things. Usually I do not blog about nothing special because I find it very boring but I thought that I might as well do a quick update just to keep things running. So, I have been out shopping after pay day and these are a few of the things I bought 
The Body Shop products I bought was actually with my gift card that I received from my friends on my 20th birthday. Thank you, guys  Now I can smell like the flowers in my garden in Laos. The next item is a pair of a-JAYS earphones ! I am the kind of person who can not step out without a pair of earphones. Recently my other earphones broke and I had to use the basic Iphone earphones, which I hate because they are so uncomfortable. I have small ears so when I wore those it would hurt (ノД`) But finally, I could afford new comfortable earphones with good bass.
Three songs that are frequently played at the moment 
Now on to what is up in my life ( ´ ▽` )ノ I am currently working, as always, and studying for my drivers license. I have been practicing on driving for 5 months and hopefully I will be able to get my license before the end of the summer. Speaking of summer ! I have quite a few plans for this summer. One month from now I will be leaving Sweden for Laos for a whole month  It has been 4 years since I last was in Laos so it will be interesting to see how things have changed. Anyway, when I get back I will try to work as much as possible for a whole month and when August arrives I will be leaving Sweden again, but this time for Finland ! Gals and Shit in Stockholm was appreciated by many so this time Alex and his friends will continue the legacy in Finland. Me and Kimii will be there to make sure that shit is going down once again  Well, I guess this sums up the update. Take care for now (^ー^)ノ~~

Neo Glamour Gray - Review

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Finally, I am doing a review on my all-time favorite circle lenses  I have tried Neo Glamour in different colors before, but gray is my favorite from the brand. Unfortunately there is only a few online shops that sell Neo Glamour. I ordered these from Honeycolor and the original price is $32.90 but they have been for sale($26.32) for quite a time now. Okay, let me show you why these are my all-time favorite 
Outdoors lightning
Indoors lightning
With flash
Neo Glamour has the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn ! But of course it gets a bit tiring for the eyes to wear lenses over eight hours, what lenses does not do that to your eyes? My point is that they are awesome even thought that they are circle lenses.
Design ◆◆◆
As you can see in the pictures, Neo Glamour has a kind of tricolor design with dark gray line around the lens, light gray on the lens and then finishes off with a light brown color to blend in the real eye color. And as I have mentioned before; I like natural looking circle lenses. If you do not look for a natural look then Neo Glamour may not be fit for you. 
Enlargment ◆◆◆◇◇
These lenses are 14,2mm in diameter so if you are looking for a bit of an enlargment, not a super dolly enlargment, then these are recommended.
Color ◆◆◆◆◆
Very vibrant even thought that I have brown eyes ! 

Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup

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I have blogged about the days during the meetup already so this will just be a picture bomb post with a nice video in the end  These picture are taken by Hampus and you can follow his photography blog for more detailed posts about his pictures, or follow him on Twitter ! The video in the end is filmed and edited by Rikku. Such talented people, these two 

Old town

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Earlier on the same week as the meetup me and Kimii walked around Old town with Hampus for a special kind of photoshoot. The kind with an analog camera (^o^)/ It was super exciting since you did not know the results until the film was developed. It was a bit windy and cold that day and to walk in high heels on cobblestones was quite a challange. Anyway, I have been longing to see the results and when the moment arrived I was positively surprised about it. I love the grained quality of the pictures and the natural lightning. Even thought I love wearing fake lashes, circle lenses and stuff, I am more for the natural. Good job, Hampus ♡ And thank you once again for your time. Below are some of the photos he took ▼
I wore my brown wig and my new leopard cap for the shoot
Kimiis hair turned out pink in the pictures but in real life it was lilac

Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part III

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Sunday 31th
The last official day of the meetup. Me and Kimii started the day by meeting up with the Norwgian people; Ingvild, Xiaoting and Erlend. Since the girls were going home on sunday we had our last supper(?) togheter at a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant called Lucky Garden. Some dishes were quite pricy but luckiy me and Erlend found a four small dishes course for only 145SEK if I remember correctly (⌒▽⌒) We even got dessert included, wohoo !
Xiaoting with her bigass bowl of rice, asian power !
Anyway, after eating and talking it was time to send the girls off with the Arlanda Express train to the airport. So sad that they could not stay one day longer (´∩`。) After leaving the girls it was Erlends turn to be left off. At the boys hotel room ! When our mission was completed me and Kimii went back to Andrés place, which we stayed at during the meetup, to get ready for another night of clubbing  At 9PM we got back to the boys hotel room to pre party.
Heikki, Kimii and Marcus doing I do not know . . . 
Amanda and Daniel~
I got a dare. To change pants with the person next to me, lol !
Had a lot of fun and when the alcohol was finished it was time to go to Fried Rice ! Last year around this time me and Kimii participated as models for the InspirAsian fashion show at Fried Rice, but since we had the meetup going on we decided to just go and party this year. No regrets~! Had an awesome time with those who joined us to the club ( o^∇^)/ On our way home after partying I walked like an old obaachan because my feets were so dead after wearing heels the whole weekend, buhu . . .
The only party people left after a whole weekend of partying !
I want to thank everyone once again that made this meetup such a memorable one. Stay tuned for our next meetup 

Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part II

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Saturday 30th
So this is the day when shit was going down  Since some people drank and stayed up a bit too long than planned the day before I am glad me and Kimii decided to let everyone do whatever they wanted during the day ! It was not until after 6PM that I met up people at the Central station and togheter went to the karaoke place. Some of us had already been pre drinking so there were no awkward silence in the karaoke room, no no~ I think Tuomas held the microphone throughout the entire stay there ( ^o^) ♪ 
Tuomas and Marcus singing a duett 
Line, Kimii, Sofia and Rikku~
Johan and Eivind being romantic
Derp Sofia and gorgeous Rikku 
Line and Tuomas looking good~
Kimii and Heikki !
Imke and Juliette, pretty girls~
Xiaoting, Ingvild and Kimii
Merei and Seike 
Me with fucking yakiniku sauce on my chin . . .
After 10PM we drank up our drinks, sang our last song and then moved on to the next location; Club ACE ! Overall I had an awesome night with everyone ! Shit happened and it sure went down that night  
At the club with Tuomas
The mole family 
With handsome Alex (´ε`*)
Heikki joined us 
Third part will be posted SOON !

Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part I

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Friday 29th
The day that I have been longing for finally arrived ! Since me and Kimii got a positive feedback from our Boats and Gals 2.0 cruise we decided to create an event togheter once again. This time we named our event Gals and Shit ★ Why ? Because there were going to be gal people and shit happening, that is why ! Friday was the day people arrived from Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and different places in Sweden to Stockholm. We met up at the Central station at 5PM along with our friend and talented photographer; Hampus ヾ(´▽`) The sun was already starting to set so we decided quickly to take a walk to Kungsträdgården, a park in the city which is famous for its cherry blossoms during the spring. Unfortunately the spring has not yet reached Stockholm to the extent for the cherry trees to bloom. However we did take some group photos before we started to freeze our asses off in the cold and windy weather ! Thereafter we slowly made our way back to the Central station and while we were indoors me and Kimii decided to hand over the gifts we bought for those who had their birthday recently  We picked out the presents with care and Stockholm/Sweden theme haha . . . Anyway, around 7PM the girls and boys split up. Us girls and Hampus went to MAX for a classy(lol) dinner while the boys went back to the hotel to pre drink or whatever, have a guys night or something. HAH GAAAY~ 
I think they did this on that same night . . .
Meanwhile, us girls went to a pub called Biljardpalatset(Pool palace) to play pool and meet up with some of mine and Kimiis friends. After a while the boys joined us again and it was super fun ( ^▽^) The night lasted longer than planned and some of us got a bit too drunk I think, lol ! 
Rikkus pic of us girls~
From left: Imke, Xiaoting, Ingvild, Line, Sofia, Mio, Rikku. Below: Juliette, Kimii and me
As you can see in the picture both me and Kimii have dyed our hair lilac/silver ! But the color has faded already after a week (┳◇┳) Here is some photos from Lina later on when we met her up at the pub 
More photos and footage of the first day will be posted later on~! Oh right, we borrowed Hampus polaroid camera too