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So there has been requests about a new makeup tutorial and what makeup products I use (・ω・) I decided to combine these two requests in one post, but with more focus on my products since I quite recently made a tutorial that is almost the same as this one. Only a few changes in the tutorial since I have bought some new products. Head over to my usual makeup routine for a more detailed post ! Now, on to the tutorial + introduction of my makeup products▼
1. I start with applying my Precious Mineral, Bright Fit BB Cream from Etude House on my blemishes and dark areas around the face and blend it out with a foundation brush from H&M.
2. Thereafter I use my eyebrow pencil in light brown, also from H&M, to contour my nose, because fuck logic and use whatever you have lol . . .
3. And for my eyebrows I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil that I got from my friend. He bought it from Ebay so just search "eyebrow pen gold leopard" and you will find it d(⌒o⌒)
4. Next, I curl my lashes before I apply anything on my eyes to prevent smudged eye makeup. I think the curler was from H&M, if I remember correctly.
5. Now to the third eyebrow pencil; dark brown from H&M. This one I use to shade around my eyes to create a deeper eyelid crease and bigger illusion of my eyes.
6. Shit, almost forgot highlightning ! I am using H&Ms white eyeliner pencil to highlight my eyebrow bones, nose bridge and the inner corners of my eyes.
7. For my cheeks I am using some random blusher that I bought from Thailand, named Belenra Make Up Artist.
8. MACs Prep + Prime powder is a new product of mine actually. I apply a very light layer of this on my whole face with an Isa Dora brush to prevent my face from looking oily/glossy.
9. Time for falselashes  For my upper lashes I have combined two different lashes to create a more dramatic look. I am using Diamond Lash Volume series #1 Sexy and a another pair that I do not remember the name of. But they look like a smaller version of Diamond Lash Lady Glamorous series #2 Cat.
10. For lower lashes I have cut small pieces from a pair that are bought from an Ebay seller; Starangle88, model 047. 
11. Since I only use false lower lashes on the outer corner of my eyes, I apply mascara on my real lower lashes. I can not remember the name of the mascara because the name has faded away. 
12. To finish this makeup look, use a liquid eyeliner pencil to draw a "wing" and mark your inner eye corner from where the false lashes ends. I love this new eyeliner of mine, by the way  Mistline Super Black.
And the finish look~
Random picture of my ombre hair