Lydia Vimala

Laos part III


It had been over ten years ago since both me and my childhood friend, Jenny, were in Laos at the same time. This year we reunited in our home country  Jenny is also a so-called "eurasian", half Lao and half British. We met up for breakfast/lunch at the Pizza Company and togheter visited Kattys school. The school my cousin was attending teached tourism and guide information so, on the afternoon Jenny and I followed their class to two different temples. The day started with a little rain so it was quite "chilly" but later on the sun came out and it was hot again (_ _;)
Reunited with Jenny in Laos !
Bigass glass of ice coffee at Pizza Company
On our way to the temples
It means luck if you find a flower with five petals from this kind of bush
The very old, yet beautiful, temple
I wore shorts that day so I had to borrow a kind of skirt called "sin"
Jenny with her favorite creature - Dragon
On our way out from the first temple
And to the next one !
There were several "halls" like this around the temple
Look ! So many mini buddha statues on the walls
You are not allowed to take photos inside the temples, therefore only pictures outside
We went to a shopping mall/market after our sightseeing and found this H&M, haha . . .
To be continued . . .


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