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Skin- and haircare routine


I have only been posting about Laos lately so I decided to change things up a little and do a post about my skin- and haircare routine (○゚ε^○)v To be honest I did not care that much about typical beauty routines a few months ago. I used to just wash my face with soap and occasionally use a heat protecting spray before straightening my hair. But when staying in Laos for such a long time I started to get motivated and interested in beauty products. I do not know if Southeast Asia is marketing more beauty products compared to Europe, or if I just randomly got the strenght to care. Anyway, these are the products I am currently using 
1 - In Laos, POND´S is a cheap and popular beauty brand and you can find it basically in every convenience store. Since I came back from Laos, which is almost a month now, I have been using "age miracle" face wash every morning. Why use an anti aging product when you are only 20 years old, you ask? Better start now before it is too late, is my answer ! In the beginning my face was not used to this kind of product so of course my skin got dry. But that is why I use my next product~
2 - Nivea Visage Daily Essentials moisturizer. I have been using this product for quite a while actually. Since Sweden can be really cold and is overall very dry compared to humid asia, my face tend to get easily dry. Therefore I use this day cream so that my face will be smooth and the makeup will look even.
3 - Every night I wash my face with POND´S "no blackheads" and this I have also been doing for almost a month. So far I am very pleased with my skincare routine. I can not even recall the last time I had a nasty zit on my face ! 
4 - Now on to my haircare routine. If there is something that I suck at, then it is taking care of my hair. I have been bleaching the hell out of my hair for a long time and damaged it even more with heat products. But now I have dyed my hair darker and hopefully I will not dye it again for a very long time. However, when I do damage my hair with heat products I use Syoss heat protection spray to at least try to be a little merciful.
5 - This is my newest addition to my haircare routine. Once a week I will apply "Mandelolja", almond oil, from the brand APL on my hair and let it be throughout the night. The morning after I will of course have to rinse it away since it is very oily. I have only done this once so I am very excited to see if there will be any kind of improvement later on.
6 - There was a time when my hair was so damaged that I had no idea how it would possible repair itself. So I got desperate and bought this TRESemmé hair treatment masque for extra dry, brittle hair. At that time I basically used it every time I washed my hair, but now that my hair has repaired a little I have stepped down to only using it once a week. Why I did this is because when I used the masque it made my hair fall off, unusally much. Apart from the hair loss, the masque does actually make my hair feel healthier. 
7 - And now to the last part of my beauty post. Once a week, for almost a month now, I have been scrubbing my body with an exfoliating glove to get rid of dead skin. I do not use a body scrub cream for this, just a normal body wash cream works fine for me. I will probably continue with this routine every week because I love how soft and smooth my skin gets after the scrub 
Well, I hope I might have inspired or given ideas for your own skin- and haircare routine ! Everyone should take care of themselves ( ^▽^) Do you have an awesome routine that you want to share then go ahead~


  • Linn says:

    Hej! Först vill jag bara säga att jag älskar din blogg och ditt utseende! Sen undrar jag vart du köper dina kläder ifrån? Eller vilka sidor du beställer dom från? Och hur länge låter du ditt hår vila när du ska bleka det ljusare?

    Kram Linn

    Svar: Hej Linn ! Åh, tack så mycket ♡ Jag köper mina kläder från många olika butiker. De svenska butikerna är då H&M och Gina Tricot. Sedan gillar jag att beställa från Ebay och så har jag en hel del kläder som är köpta i Thailand under semestern :) När jag bleker mitt hår från mörkt till blont så låter jag tyvärr inte håret vila alls i princip. Jag bleker min första runda en dag och redan dagen efter blekar jag det igen för att få bort den oranga/gula tonen. Men efter det så låter jag håret vila i en månad tills det är dags att färga utväxten. Hoppas du är nöjd med svaren ^^
    Lydia Vimala

    2013-07-29 | 00:19:33

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