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Laos part IV


The day after we "touristed" around the temples my cousin left me off at Jennys place before going to school. Jenny and I went out to search for adventure and ended up at a local restaurant, hungry for lunch (・ρ・) Thereafter we visited a shop with a super cute little dog ! We walked around for a while and then decided to go back to the house to rest a bit before we went to the shopping mall/market we visited the day before. The name of it is Talat Sao, meaning Morning Market, and is right by my cousins school so when her classes ended we went to meet her up.
The tiny little dog !
"LITTLE EMO" Jenny and I laughed so hard when we found this . . .
At Little G Café in the Morning Market
Some of Kattys classmates wanted to get togheter after school so we went to the same restaurant as the one I went to the first day in Laos. We ordered the most delicious fish dish I have ever had, papaya salad, fried morning glory and, of course, beer. But we did not stay there for long, instead we moved to another location - one of her classmates house. We stayed there for hours, eating and drinking, before we went out to club at a place called "What's Club". Weird name, but we always called the place "What'sApp" instead. No reason really for the nickname, other than the actual name of the application for smartphones. Anyway, I had a blast at the club  If you are looking for a club with good music and non-smoking indoors in Laos, then this is the place for you. Here are more facts about Laos 1 - When you go to a club in Laos you will probably suffocate from all the smoke indoors, except for in What's Club. 2 - There are no "dance floors" because the whole club is filled with small tables which you dance/stand/sit by with your friends. 3 - It is rarely fun to go out with only 2-3 people in Laos. It is way more fun to be in a big group of people because Lao people usually do not dance or hang out with strangers. Except for creeps who are trying to pick up young girls. Well, that is it for todays facts about Laos ( ゚▽゚)/
The delicious fish dish
Spicy papaya salad, my favorite dish of all time 
At the club
Happy Jenny~
Katty and I 
I love the guy in the back, dancing so sexually haha . . .
To be continued . . .


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