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G&G Gothic 3 Tone Green - Review


Now on to my next review ! I love tricolor eyes and when I was about to choose a pair of circle lenses in the color green I found G&G Gothic 3 Tone. Green is one of my favorite eye colors but I have not yet found a pair of good green circle lenses and thought that I would give this one a try. I ordered these from PinkyParadise for $22.90 with a $12 fee on shipping. Since I ordered these for several months ago I can not recall how long it took to ship them. Anyway, here is my review 
Outdoors lightning
Indoors lightning
With flash
Sorry for my obvious non-curled real eyelashes, but I still have not bought a new curler.
Comfort ◇◇
I have worn these circle lenses a whole day before and it worked fine, but of course it gets a bit "heavy" if you stay indoors for a long time so make sure to get some fresh air or maybe eye drops once in a while. The only negative thing about the comfort of these lenses are that recently the right lens have been acting weird. Sometimes it feels as if the lens is damaged on the edge, because it starts to chafe(is that the right word for it?) but then stops for a while and then it repeats. 
Design ◆◆◆◆◆
I liked the tricolor design of these circle lenses d(´▽`) I have always been jealous of people with a mix of eye colors and with G&G Gothic 3 Tone it gives my eyes a beautiful natural look with a mix of colors. A plus from my side is also because they only have a thin brown line around the lens instead of those thick black ones on stereotype circle lenses. But if you do like the typical circle lens look then these might not be the one for you.
Enlargment ◆◆◆◆◇
These lenses are 14,5mm in diameter which means that they are quite big and gives an illusion of bigger eyes. If you want to achieve a dolly look but with a more natural touch, then these are recommended !
Color ◆◆◇◇◇
Ouff~ Once again I am not pleased with the color of green circle lenses (_ _;) I like the mix of green and brown/yellow togheter but my eyes are too dark for these lenses. The color is not vibrant at all, buhuu . . .
Was too lazy to style my hair so I used my wig from Ebay 


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