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Eos Adult Blue - Review


So I finally decided to start reviewing my circle lenses d(⌒o⌒) At the moment I have four pair of lenses with different colors, and Eos Adult Blue is one of them. I ordered these from Honeycolor and was pretty surprised that they shipped so quickly because last time it took a month I think(?), but these came within 2 weeks. They cost me $20.61 and luckily I got the shipping for free thanks to their campaign that week. Well, let me show you how the lenses look like 
Outdoors lightning
Sorry for the bad quality in this photo, but the sun had already started to set and my camera is not very good when there is little light
Indoors lightning
With flash
It is my first time wearing Eos Adult and the fact that the design is quite similar on both sides of the lens I had to find out which one was the right the hard way. Sure does stings when wearing it the wrong side, lol . . . Anyway, you are not supposed to wear it the wrong side so, when wearing it the right side it is okay. I have worn more comfortable circle lenses but as I mentioned before, this is the first time I am wearing these and my guess is that my eyes are not yet used to them so therefore the "okay". 
Personally I prefer more natural looking circle lenses when it comes to the design and if you do too, I recommed Eos Adult for you. I like the that they only have a thin brown line around the lens, instead of those thick black ones on stereotype circle lenses.
These are only 14.00mm in diameter and therefore not much of an enlargment.
I love the color of these lenses  Even with brown eyes the color is vibrant.
For this review I wore my brown wig, bought from my one and only friend - Ebay
I hope my review was fulfilling and please comment if you have any questions or maybe a request for my next circle lens review (⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~


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