Lydia Vimala

Neo Glamour Gray - Review


Finally, I am doing a review on my all-time favorite circle lenses  I have tried Neo Glamour in different colors before, but gray is my favorite from the brand. Unfortunately there is only a few online shops that sell Neo Glamour. I ordered these from Honeycolor and the original price is $32.90 but they have been for sale($26.32) for quite a time now. Okay, let me show you why these are my all-time favorite 
Outdoors lightning
Indoors lightning
With flash
Neo Glamour has the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn ! But of course it gets a bit tiring for the eyes to wear lenses over eight hours, what lenses does not do that to your eyes? My point is that they are awesome even thought that they are circle lenses.
Design ◆◆◆
As you can see in the pictures, Neo Glamour has a kind of tricolor design with dark gray line around the lens, light gray on the lens and then finishes off with a light brown color to blend in the real eye color. And as I have mentioned before; I like natural looking circle lenses. If you do not look for a natural look then Neo Glamour may not be fit for you. 
Enlargment ◆◆◆◇◇
These lenses are 14,2mm in diameter so if you are looking for a bit of an enlargment, not a super dolly enlargment, then these are recommended.
Color ◆◆◆◆◆
Very vibrant even thought that I have brown eyes ! 


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