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While you keep on standing still


Sunday ! The day when you get your shit togheter before a new week. My sunday is fully booked with things to do, and blogging is actually one of those things. Usually I do not blog about nothing special because I find it very boring but I thought that I might as well do a quick update just to keep things running. So, I have been out shopping after pay day and these are a few of the things I bought 
The Body Shop products I bought was actually with my gift card that I received from my friends on my 20th birthday. Thank you, guys  Now I can smell like the flowers in my garden in Laos. The next item is a pair of a-JAYS earphones ! I am the kind of person who can not step out without a pair of earphones. Recently my other earphones broke and I had to use the basic Iphone earphones, which I hate because they are so uncomfortable. I have small ears so when I wore those it would hurt (ノД`) But finally, I could afford new comfortable earphones with good bass.
Three songs that are frequently played at the moment 
Now on to what is up in my life ( ´ ▽` )ノ I am currently working, as always, and studying for my drivers license. I have been practicing on driving for 5 months and hopefully I will be able to get my license before the end of the summer. Speaking of summer ! I have quite a few plans for this summer. One month from now I will be leaving Sweden for Laos for a whole month  It has been 4 years since I last was in Laos so it will be interesting to see how things have changed. Anyway, when I get back I will try to work as much as possible for a whole month and when August arrives I will be leaving Sweden again, but this time for Finland ! Gals and Shit in Stockholm was appreciated by many so this time Alex and his friends will continue the legacy in Finland. Me and Kimii will be there to make sure that shit is going down once again  Well, I guess this sums up the update. Take care for now (^ー^)ノ~~


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