Lydia Vimala

Old town


Earlier on the same week as the meetup me and Kimii walked around Old town with Hampus for a special kind of photoshoot. The kind with an analog camera (^o^)/ It was super exciting since you did not know the results until the film was developed. It was a bit windy and cold that day and to walk in high heels on cobblestones was quite a challange. Anyway, I have been longing to see the results and when the moment arrived I was positively surprised about it. I love the grained quality of the pictures and the natural lightning. Even thought I love wearing fake lashes, circle lenses and stuff, I am more for the natural. Good job, Hampus ♡ And thank you once again for your time. Below are some of the photos he took ▼
I wore my brown wig and my new leopard cap for the shoot
Kimiis hair turned out pink in the pictures but in real life it was lilac


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