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Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part III


Sunday 31th
The last official day of the meetup. Me and Kimii started the day by meeting up with the Norwgian people; Ingvild, Xiaoting and Erlend. Since the girls were going home on sunday we had our last supper(?) togheter at a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant called Lucky Garden. Some dishes were quite pricy but luckiy me and Erlend found a four small dishes course for only 145SEK if I remember correctly (⌒▽⌒) We even got dessert included, wohoo !
Xiaoting with her bigass bowl of rice, asian power !
Anyway, after eating and talking it was time to send the girls off with the Arlanda Express train to the airport. So sad that they could not stay one day longer (´∩`。) After leaving the girls it was Erlends turn to be left off. At the boys hotel room ! When our mission was completed me and Kimii went back to Andrés place, which we stayed at during the meetup, to get ready for another night of clubbing  At 9PM we got back to the boys hotel room to pre party.
Heikki, Kimii and Marcus doing I do not know . . . 
Amanda and Daniel~
I got a dare. To change pants with the person next to me, lol !
Had a lot of fun and when the alcohol was finished it was time to go to Fried Rice ! Last year around this time me and Kimii participated as models for the InspirAsian fashion show at Fried Rice, but since we had the meetup going on we decided to just go and party this year. No regrets~! Had an awesome time with those who joined us to the club ( o^∇^)/ On our way home after partying I walked like an old obaachan because my feets were so dead after wearing heels the whole weekend, buhu . . .
The only party people left after a whole weekend of partying !
I want to thank everyone once again that made this meetup such a memorable one. Stay tuned for our next meetup 


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