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Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part II


Saturday 30th
So this is the day when shit was going down  Since some people drank and stayed up a bit too long than planned the day before I am glad me and Kimii decided to let everyone do whatever they wanted during the day ! It was not until after 6PM that I met up people at the Central station and togheter went to the karaoke place. Some of us had already been pre drinking so there were no awkward silence in the karaoke room, no no~ I think Tuomas held the microphone throughout the entire stay there ( ^o^) ♪ 
Tuomas and Marcus singing a duett 
Line, Kimii, Sofia and Rikku~
Johan and Eivind being romantic
Derp Sofia and gorgeous Rikku 
Line and Tuomas looking good~
Kimii and Heikki !
Imke and Juliette, pretty girls~
Xiaoting, Ingvild and Kimii
Merei and Seike 
Me with fucking yakiniku sauce on my chin . . .
After 10PM we drank up our drinks, sang our last song and then moved on to the next location; Club ACE ! Overall I had an awesome night with everyone ! Shit happened and it sure went down that night  
At the club with Tuomas
The mole family 
With handsome Alex (´ε`*)
Heikki joined us 
Third part will be posted SOON !


  • TSUOMASU says:

    omg we have to take mole family pic again without me looking like drunken hobo XD♡

    Svar: Haha drunken molie ♡ "Kyss mig" !
    Lydia Vimala

    2013-04-08 | 12:04:30

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