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Gals and Shit ★ Spring Meetup Part I


Friday 29th
The day that I have been longing for finally arrived ! Since me and Kimii got a positive feedback from our Boats and Gals 2.0 cruise we decided to create an event togheter once again. This time we named our event Gals and Shit ★ Why ? Because there were going to be gal people and shit happening, that is why ! Friday was the day people arrived from Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and different places in Sweden to Stockholm. We met up at the Central station at 5PM along with our friend and talented photographer; Hampus ヾ(´▽`) The sun was already starting to set so we decided quickly to take a walk to Kungsträdgården, a park in the city which is famous for its cherry blossoms during the spring. Unfortunately the spring has not yet reached Stockholm to the extent for the cherry trees to bloom. However we did take some group photos before we started to freeze our asses off in the cold and windy weather ! Thereafter we slowly made our way back to the Central station and while we were indoors me and Kimii decided to hand over the gifts we bought for those who had their birthday recently  We picked out the presents with care and Stockholm/Sweden theme haha . . . Anyway, around 7PM the girls and boys split up. Us girls and Hampus went to MAX for a classy(lol) dinner while the boys went back to the hotel to pre drink or whatever, have a guys night or something. HAH GAAAY~ 
I think they did this on that same night . . .
Meanwhile, us girls went to a pub called Biljardpalatset(Pool palace) to play pool and meet up with some of mine and Kimiis friends. After a while the boys joined us again and it was super fun ( ^▽^) The night lasted longer than planned and some of us got a bit too drunk I think, lol ! 
Rikkus pic of us girls~
From left: Imke, Xiaoting, Ingvild, Line, Sofia, Mio, Rikku. Below: Juliette, Kimii and me
As you can see in the picture both me and Kimii have dyed our hair lilac/silver ! But the color has faded already after a week (┳◇┳) Here is some photos from Lina later on when we met her up at the pub 
More photos and footage of the first day will be posted later on~! Oh right, we borrowed Hampus polaroid camera too 


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