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Random facts


The past couple of weeks I have been aware of random things about myself. A few of these "facts" are new ones that I have recently discovered so I thought that I could write 10 of them down on a post _φ( ̄ー ̄ )
✪ I get awfully irritated by seeing advertisements looking like this; "Learn how to bake a DELICIOUS cake".. What if you wanted to bake a disgusting cake? No but seriousy, why would you want to bake anything other than a delicious cake? Those kind of advertisements are just too dumb, because it is obvious.
✪ Whenever I am tired of my real life, especially when I feel that I lost a bit of hope for humanity, I shut myself in my room and watch TV series non-stop. 
✪ When I say that I do not care, I for fucking real do not care.
✪ I like almost all kinds of music genres, but I usually listen to Korean and Japanese music because I actually like the fact that I do not understand the lyrics. When I listen to music I listen to the feeling of it, not the lyrics about a girl that dumped you for another man. 
✪ When I am at home, 8 out of 10 meals are eaten with chili flakes sprinkled on because I fucking love it !!
✪ I can never go on a special food diet, but I am currently trying to eat sweets only 3 days a week.
✪ Quite obvious from the previous fact, but yeah I love food too much. I am asian and I can not help it ┐(‘~`;)┌ It runs in the family.
✪ I am addicted to multitasking. Even when I brush my teeth I feel the urge to have something done while brushing. Or when I watch a TV series, sometimes I go on tumblr at the same time but on the phone.
✪ Whenever me and a certain friend party togheter we get so hyped and trigger each other to drink too much and it ends bad almost everytime for one of us or both sometimes lol . . .
✪ Many people consider me to be very open about myself and so on. The thing is that I really hate to feel unjustified and not understood and therefore I am trying my best to let the other part know what I think and feel.
Me and my "certain friend" at a party one a half year ago 


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