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More birthday celebrations


Fuck it, I will use unedited photos anyways. Since my last post was about a birthday celebration I might as well post another one about birthdays. This goes way back to October when Kimii and Emma had their birthdays only 4 days between one another. So Kimii was the first one to celebrate and we did the traditional way; eat !! We ate as much as we could at the asian buffet restaurant "Pong" since the price was too damn high even there lol . . . After we had stuffed as much food as possible we went to the cinemas to choose a movie to watch. In the end we chose the movie "Ted" (ó㉨ò)
My first plate, out of... 5 I think? I should become a food fighter.
Daniel and Marcus
And then 4 days later is was Emmas birthday  Nothing special was planned since we were going to celebrate her during the weekend, but as usual we went out for dinner. This time at the japanese restaurant "Wagamama" ! I had already eaten at Burger King with Daniel so we only ordered sake at the restaurant (*`▽´)_旦~~ When we finished at the restaurant we randomly went to the pool hall to play pool and drink beer. I was not planning to stay out all night, but then we ended up at Emmas place where we continued drinking until everyone passed out (。-ω-)zzz
The focus is so fucked up in these pictures . . .
I am pouring sake for Kimii
Kimii did not like it haha . . .


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