Lydia Vimala

Katana, Pool, Twilight


Last week I was quite isolated at home while watching TV series non-stop, but when the weekend arrived I went out to celebrate my friend, Linas birthday (⌒▽⌒)☆ We started off with dinner at a japanese restaurant called "Katana". The food was super delicious, but the price was too damn high !! However, after we finished the food we continued to a pool and snooker hall/bar. I could only stay for a short while since I had booked midnight cinema with other friends, but I promised to come back to continue the celebration~ Well, at the cinema I watched the last part of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn part II. The movie was good and so was the company  As promised, I went back to the bar to celebrate my friend after the movie ! And after that it was the usual; McDonalds and then home to someone to hang out before passing out.


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