Lydia Vimala



Last year I bought tickets to my first convention - UppCon in Uppsala, Sweden. I went with my dear friend Kimii, who neither had been to a convention before, and it sure was an experience ! Our main goal was to support Seremedy when they were the opening act for the japanese visual-kei band called Versailles.
I had brown hair last time!
After last years visit we both decided that conventions is not something for us, so instead we promised each other to apply as assistants for artistservice at UppCon the next year. And we sure did (°◇°人°◇°) Besides working at Uppcon this year, me and Kimii also participated in the fashion show hosted by Becci. Rin, MK and Rikku (our fellow gals from Lovelipop) also participated  Unfortunately there were not too many pictures taken during the fashion show, but there is a decent group picture and some mobile pictures~
Me and Kimii in line for the show. Picture by MK
Another picture of us, but taken by Fredrik. Check out his blog Agepoyo!
Group photo by Kalaspuff
It is sad that UppCon will no longer hold conventions every once a year. I may not like going to conventions as a visitor, but it sure was fun to work as an assistant and I would without hesitation do it again d=(´▽`)


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