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Summer Meetup in Oslo - part I


Friday 13th
Today I woke up really early because I had to catch my train. It was so early that I only managed to sleep 2 hours I think(>д<)When I finally was on the train to the meetup I got a few more hours of sleep, yay~! After almost 6 hours of travel I finally arrived at Oslo. Since me and my roommates did not want to carry our luggage around the central station we stopped by the hotel before we started to hang out until the rest of the people arrived. When everyone who was supposed to meet up during friday showed up we went to a karaoke bar, but unfortunately we had to leave the place because one of us had an "invalid" ID card - which were in fact perfectly valid 凸(`△´+)So instead we went to a trashy rock bar ! 
Someone want to visit the Crack Lab?
Super cute Jojo and me at a coffee shop, resting our feets lol
Erlend and Scarlet at the station, waiting for people to arrive
Handsome Eivind aka asian Skrillex
Me and Sazh
Monica joined us at the rock bar ! Cheers~
Daniel and Sazh
Ingvild, me, Jojo and Imke !
CoutureGals gathered !


  • Sofia says:

    Love the pic of you and Jojo <3 Looking forward to the rest of the posts!

    2012-07-18 | 14:34:00

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