Lydia Vimala

London calling


Friday 14/12
7am waking up in the morning. Gotta get fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal ♪ Lol no, that is not how my day went. I spent most of my day on the road during friday actually. Me, Jenny, Emma and Kimii met up around noon at the central station to exchange SEK to GBP before catching the train to the airport. Of course the train got delayed because of some problems, but fortunately we did not miss the plane to England ε=( ̄。 ̄;) From noon to 9-10pm we finally arrived at our hotel in Wembley, London. Why it took so long is because the way to and from our airports were so far away from town and we also stopped by Liverpool Street to eat KFC and buy travel tickets for our stay. At the hotel we all met up and went out to find a decent place to hang out and drink one or two or five beers. Without any luck we decided to just stop by the liquor store and bring drinks back to the hotel (^^;) And that is pretty much what happened during friday !
Kimii and Emma at the other side, folevel arone.
Back at the hotel after a visit at the liquor store !
Below are pics from Lina 


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