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Saturday 15/12
So this is the day when I attended BIG BANGs concert in London. I started the day awfully hungover from the mix of beer and Smirnoff Ice the night before (_ _|||) This is why I prefer to just drink spirits, no mix of beer, wine or whatever(except energy drinks of course). Anyway, I went down to the pool in our hotel with Kimii and our friend Svante to take a swim. I felt a bit better after that but I was not fully recovered until we went to eat at a grill restaurant. Ouff~ We were so stuffed after the huge meal and extra dishes ! Guess it was a good thing since we had to go without food for the next 6-7 hours ( ̄ロ ̄;) At 4pm Jenny and I started to queue because of our early entry access. People were already starting to queue way ahead of us so we came up with a strategy on how to get pass everyone so we could be near the stage, lol. Aaaaand our first strategy was to leave our jackets at the hotel so that we would not need to stand in the queue for the wardrobe. That strategy did not work that well, so we used another one ! Fangirls are pretty dumb, running around the stage wherever the singers go, so Jenny and I took this as an opportunity to get a spot by the fence to the stage whenever the crazy fangirls left theirs. The stage was huge and shaped as a T, but this is where we finally ended up 
BIG BANG is the second group I discovered within the Kpop genre for over 4-5 years ago and I have been following them since then. The fact that I finally saw them live meant so much to me. When the concert started and they dropped the drape I actually got so overwhelmed that I cried for a second (´;ω;`) My overwhelmness went by pretty fast and I cheered, laughed and sang throughout the concert with happiness 
Since the concert was held for not too long ago I could not find any official photos from their live 15/12. Instead I am using photos from 14/12 by Allkpop.


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