Lydia Vimala



I finally took the time and effort in taking pictures with my system camera  Today(technically yesterday) I met up with Kimii, Marcus and his mother for a recording of a swedish tv program, called "Fråga Olle". We sat as the audienceヾ(^∇^) It lasted for 2 hours I think, so when the recording ended we headed to Max Hamburger for some dinner ! I ordered too much, but I am the kind of person that has to eat everything if I have paid for it so, yeah . . . I ate everything (=`(∞)´=) After the meal me and Kimii met up with our friend from the day before and companied him and his friend when they went for a beer or two(more like 3-5). But since me and Kimii did not drink anything today we decided to leave early (︶︹︺)


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