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2014 ReCap - January


During New Years Emma and I pretty much stayed home because Emma had this terrible flu. Shortly after New Years our good friend Svante came to Thailand to stay with us for a couple of months. Since we were new in Bangkok it was nice to have a guy friend with us to clubs and such. Before Svante arrived all we did was visit shopping malls and settling in our new condo σ(^_^;) In other words, our adventures started from here on!
Protests were going on around Bangkok at this time so friends and family were worried about us. We never got involved in any violent protests of course because we never visited the serious protest areas. As you can see in the Vine above, there was a stage in the middle of a road where people made speeches and had live performances. This was a non-violent protest spot, located in a big shopping area. The protests did not affect our daily lives much except for the traffic. In Bangkok traffic is always awful but during the protests it was worse because of the blockades. Well, enough about the protests for now! It had already been over a month since Emma and I arrived so it was time to enroll school (^o^)/
Emma had researched Walen School of Thai before we moved. Both of us have not attended school for a while so their easy-going atmosphere and learning technique interested us. We chose the school and paid ~25,000 baht for 180 lessons. I got my Education Visa from Walen too d(^_^o) Lucky Emma is a Thai citizen so she does not have to bother with visiting the Immigration Office every 90 days.. 
Now on to the fun stuff; Parties! It was in the end of January when we visited our first bus bar. They are the perfect preparty hang out ( ^ ^ )/■ You sit outdoors, listening to music and enjoy buckets of alcohol from the bus bar. 
Since I have introduced a great preparty hang out, now let me introduce you to THE party. On the 31st of January, Sensation White Wicked Wonderland happened! Three days before Sensation White we decided to search for tickets to the event. Luckily we found a person who wanted to sell her early bird tickets so we got the tickets cheaper than expected. Our next task was to find a white outfit! Damn, easier said than done.. Took me two days to raid the shopping mall for an outfit _| ̄|○ Anyways, we suited up and headed to the event. 
I have never seen so many people dressed in white.. When we entered the venue the staff handed out Sensation White LED bracelets to all the guests. We tried to turn our bracelets on but they would not light up. What the hell, we thought and decided to try out the bar instead. We bought coupons and got ourselves a six pack of Sensation White Heineken cans. And finally, the show started 
I had an awesome night! Currently one of the best events I have ever been to. As you can see in one of the video clips, all the LED bracelets light up at the same time and it was so cool (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) The Sensation White crew promised to come back to Thailand in 2015 and I do hope they will. It is already January 2015, but a Sensation event has not been confirmed ( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ ) Anyway, I highly recommend Sensation for you guys who loves a big party. Aaaaand this sums up my 2014 - January recap. I will try my best to blog more frequently from now on and post about the stuff some of you have requested. See you 



Errmahgerd. I have been waiting for another big event and finally, here it is; ARCADIA! I have not been this excited since Sensation White Wicked Wonderland. The best thing about this event is that it is held one day before my birthday so I will be celebrating my birthday when the clock strikes midnight ★ Anyone going to Arcadia? 

South Korea Part IIII


The last post of my trip to South Korea! The traditional Korean wedding (^∇^) Our friend Carl got married to his cute wife So Hyun in Seoul. The ceremony was held in Korea House on a sunny sunday and it was beautiful! I am so honored and happy to have been present on this special day 
So Hyun in a traditional bridal Hanbok
Emma infront of Korea House
Carl, the bridegroom
The ceremony started with a traditional Korean performance
The bridegroom enters
The bride enters
Newly wed Carl and his best man Peter
When the ceremony was over we had a delicious buffet and fun afterparty  It was held at LePub that I mentioned in the first post. There were drinking games, pool, darts showdowns and flamethrowing bartenders! Emma and I drank the two shots that were set on fire and let me tell you this; it sure burnt after taking the shot (゚o゚;) Since this was the last night in South Korea Emma and I decided to visit Hongdae one last time. We met up with some of our new friends from the trip and hung out until dawn. Without any sleep we checked out of the hotel around noon and began our journey back to Bangkok. It was truly a bittersweet feeling (ノД`) Why is it not possible to mix two countries into one?!
At the afterparty
Them feels when we were at Seoul Station, on our way back to Thailand
We will be back, South Korea 

South Korea Part III


This post will mostly be about food but, of course, who says no to that? So after we visited the beach in Gangneung we only had four days left in Seoul. They were well spent with friends, food, alcohol, karaoke, shopping and last but not least; the wedding  Here are some pictures from our last few days 
Cool chicken restaurant in Hongdae and an Emma in her natural habitat
Market in Jongno
Jongno had some nice chicken too d(´▽`)
Karaoke in Shincheon 
One last visit in Myeongdong(┰_┰)
Posing awkwardly with Lin ( ゚▽゚)/
Delicious Jjimdak 
Continued the night in Dongdaemun where we found Swedish Fika
Late night "snack" with Austin
Dak Galbi
Last but not least we have the wedding! I took a lot of photos at the ceremony so I will save them for the last part of my trip to South Korea. To be continued...

South Korea Part II


Let us continue with our adventures in South Korea! After the drunken night in Hongdae we took one day off to recharge our energy. Thereafter we visited Dongdaemun again but this time we walked around during the evening. Cozy~!
Next day we met up with another friend of mine - Yameki. Oh my, when was the last time we met? I think it was in 2011.. Anyway, we met up in Hongdae, of course, and catched up over some drinks. Before meeting up with Yameki and his cute girlfriend we girls went for some BBQ. I really like the omelette thingy around the grill 
While in Hongdae we ran into two of our new friends, Kim and Seungyong. They told us about their plan on taking a road trip to the beach next morning and asked us if we wanted to join. Emma and I felt a bit hesitant at first since it already was around 3am but then we thought "Fuck it, we are on a vacation in South Korea!" and said yes ヽ(^^) After our decision we took a cab back with Yameki and his girlfriend to get some sleep. But! Before sleep, let us eat some more..
As promised, our two friends came to pick us up in the morning at the hotel. We were a group of eight people so we went by two cars from Seoul and met up in Gangneung. The roadtrip took about three hours so when we arrived at the beach it was time for lunch. On the menu was seafood! And plenty of it(♡▽♡)After the big meal it was time for speed boat. I had a lot of fun  We were so sad that we had to head back after a couple of hours but we will definitely go on another roadtrip again next time!
Gangneung beach
On our way to the seafood restaurant
To be continued...

South Korea Part I


It has been exactly two months since I last blogged. Meanwhile I was away I have started working at a guest house and currently lives there. There has been many changes and a lot of new things to learn so most of my energy went to work. But after a month of work Emma and I packed our bags and went to South Korea for two weeks. We attended our friends wedding in Seoul and also took the time to explore the city. It rained most of the time during the first week but our last week was awesome! We arrived Seoul pretty late in the evening so after checking in at the hotel we went out in search for food and beer.
Emma looking happy with food and beer v(^-^)o旦
After food we went to a bar for more beer!
Two days after, Lin arrived Seoul! We explored the shopping districts Dongdaemun and Myeongdong during the day and ended up in Hongdae at night. Had a lot of fun and made new friends at Ho bar. Gotta love that name 
Entering the shopping streets in Myeongdong
Super Junior in Hongdae hahah (≧∇≦)
I love these kind of bars in Seoul. Super cozy~!
Ho bar is a big bar/club chain in Seoul. You can find it everywhere!
The day after, Emma and I met up with the soon-to-wed couple in another district called Jeongbalsan. We had Korean BBQ and hung out at SoHyuns friends pub called LePub. Really enjoyed meeting them again but at midnight we had to part ways to catch the last bus and train. When we arrived back at the hotel we met up with Lin, who did not have dinner yet so we ended up having BBQ again at 1am. Our new friend that we met from Ho bar the other day joined us then. Beer led to Soju and Soju led to Makgeolli. We introduced the Swedish drinking game Ring of Fire to our new friend Kim. Whenever we teach people this game it has always become popular! At 5am we teached Kim some Swedish too. It was beautiful 
SoHyun and Carl, the soon-to-wed couple(人´∀`*)
At LePub
Swedes, can you spot our notes?
"Satans jävla kukhål" A very useful phrase when you visit Sweden d(´▽`)
Oh my, I had a lot of fun that night. But now to the next day! We met up with Tsuomasu and his beautiful girlfriend Mitsuki in Hongdae for dinner at Doma. It had been about a year since I last met Tsuomasu so it was really nice to hang out again. Unfortunately, they had to go back pretty quick because of an early flight but Emma, Lin and I stayed in Hongdae to meet up with some Korean friends. Emma and Lin met them the first time during their vacation in Bangkok. It is really fun how you meet people from around the world and when you visit their homecountry you get to hang out again! Anyway, we visited various clubs and bars in Hongdae until dawn and.. Well, Emmas snapback says it all
BBQ at Doma
World Cup celebration at club NB2
To be continued...

3day2night Bar & Restaurant


Bangkok is an amazing place when it comes to nightlife  There are tons of clubs, bars and pubs around the city but I have only been here for five to six months so I am no way near to have visited them all. However, I have discovered a few cool places of course (^_-) One of them is 3day2night Bar & Restaurant at Lad Prao Wanghin! The place is divided into three different areas; the restaurant and karaoke "houses" located by the farm, an indoor nightclub where DJs and live bands play and lastly an outdoor restaurant/bar where you can enjoy shisha and live bands. It sounds pretty weird that there is a farm at such a place but I guess that is what makes the place cool~!
The farm
The small karaoke houses
Emma and Lin
Farmer Lin with her pitchfork Emma, lol
"If you want a stable relationship get a Alpaca"
I only took proper photos of the farm area unfortunately. Anyway, if you want to start off the night with karaoke and end it at a club then I highly recommend 3day2night, and also because it offers pretty much everything for a night out with friends. You can also visit their page on Facebook for more information about location and opening hours. Until next time then 

Malls in Bangkok


Wow, it has been two months since I last blogged. Guess it is time to update then (^^; ) So Lin was in Bangkok for vacation some weeks ago and we met up for shopping. Platinum shopping mall is our favorite mall in Bangkok! It is huge, has over 2000 shops and is pretty cheap so of course we had to show it for Lin. Here are some photos I took while we strolled around 
Another shopping mall I would like to show you guys is Terminal21. It is located right by Asoke BTS station, has over 600 shops, various restaurants, cafés and cinema. Every floor has different themes which is pretty cool too d(´▽`)
There are a lot of shopping malls around Bangkok so I will probably make a part two of this post later on. Until then 

Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel


It was about time for me to buy new circle lenses and here they are! I only bought two pair of lenses this time, but I am already thinking of buying one more pair soon (⌒_⌒;) My first review of the new lenses will be of Vassen Rainbow Eyes Brownish Hazel from Pinkyparadise. Bought these pair for $23.90 with, of course, a one-year life span. As always, I got cute lens cases with my order 
Outdoors lightning
Indoors lightning
With flash
With and without circle lens
Oh my, these are truly the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn! I hardly notice wearing them at all. It is quite a shock for me since they are a bit bigger than what I usually use and the other 14.5~15mm lenses I have tried in the past gets really heavy after a few hours. I can use these for at least six hours without them making my eyes dry. 
This is the part that makes me frustrated. They are the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn, but they are also the most boring-looking one! Vassen Rainbow Eyes has a very natural design and the only "special" thing with the lens is that it is wide in diameter. I said before that I like natural-looking lenses but these are just too natural and plain for my taste. I guess it is because they are too alike my real eyes.
Enlargment ◆◆◆◆◇
They are quite an enlargment, that is for sure. I am not sure of the actual diameter because the description says 14.5mm/15mm but after some googling it seems that 14.5mm is the right one.
Color ◆◇◇◇◇
As mentioned, these lenses are too alike my real eyes, therefore the low points in color. But I bet that it would look more vibrant and exciting if the person who wears it has darker eyes than me, or maybe blue or green eyes.
I usually take pictures of my overall look with the circle lenses but I forgot this time (つω⊂* ) Until next time then 

Shopping in Bangkok


Time sure has passed since I last updated. I have been traveling to Laos twice, attended Sensation White, laid sick at home, gone to school, been out partying until morning, eating non-stop at a BBQ buffet for several hours and so on. In other words; there is a lot to catch up with, but I will start with a small post about some of my recent buys here in Bangkok ヾ(´▽`)
A gorgeous note/sketchbook from a store in Platinum.
Ta-da! A jewelry box that looks like a book (○゚ε^○)v Bought in Paragon.
Cute pens for school 
Jewelry from Forever21.
Choker bought from a store in Platinum.
Earrings from a store in Mega Bangna.
More earrings, but from H&M.
Ordered Anna Sui´s Fairy Dance from Ebay.
New circle lenses from Pinkyparadise. Reviews coming up!
Portable charger d(゚ー゚) Bought from a small store at the bus station in Mo Chit. 
I left out new clothes for this post, but I will try to take pictures of my outfits from now on so stay tuned~! 

First post from Bangkok, Thailand


Finally, I am updating this blog, from Bangkok d(⌒o⌒) Emma and I arrived the 11th of December and we started off by staying at a small but modern hotel called 41 Suite Hotel. I really recommend this place because it is near the BTS station - Phrom Phong(which is close to the more "central" stations) and the price is pretty decent considered the location, class and security of the hotel. Not to mention their staff! We really got attached to one of their receptionists. The receptionist was very kind and even helped us search for cheap condominiums around Bangkok. Great service in other words! Click here to read more about 41 Suite Hotel.
My Vine when we were about to board the plane from Sweden
One thought came in mind while Emma and I searched for hotels before our journey; why are there windows through the bathroom and bedroom in almost every hotel in Bangkok?!
Nice interior at 41 Suite Hotel
A few days after our arrival we went to MBK just to go out and do anything other than visit condominiums. At that particular day there was a Japanese event at MBK, organized by a Japanese school. We felt kind of abnormal among all the cosplayers . . .
At the same day we also met up with a childhood friend of mine to eat Korean BBQ at Korean Town, located in Asoke. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the place, I blame myself for being too hungry and eager to dig in. After the dinner we made our way to Nana to visit an outdoor bar which is known for their shishas. They also had belly dancing performances and singers. Truly, an eastern atmosphere (〜・▽・)〜
Now I am skipping ahead to when we actually decided on which condominium to move in to. It took us about a week to look at different condminiums, decide on which one to take, sign the contract and move in. I freaking love this country. In Sweden it is impossible to find a condominium with a swimming pool, gym, library, hair salon, dry cleaning, café, restaurant and 7Eleven included in the building for a decent rent. Not even sure if there actually exist condominiums like that in Sweden . . . Anyway, back to our condominium. It is a two bedroom with 47 square meters. I would love to show you how the whole place looks like, but for now I will just post pictures of our view from both our balconies, afternoon and night, and my room. I will take pictures of the other rooms later on when it is cleaned properly, lol. And maybe the other facilities in the building too?
Balcony at the kitchen
Balcony at the master bedroom
And here is my room~!
Windows down to the floor
I only brought a small amount of clothes with me, compared to what my actual closet looks like in Sweden, so I am pretty excited about all the new clothes I will find here in Bangkok  Oh, did you spot my pink drinking hat that I got as a present from the previous Gals and Shit event? Of course I brought it with me to Thailand! Haha, okay this post is getting too long so I will just stop here and update later on. Take care 

Birthday X Farewell


I turned 21 ! Well, ten days ago actually. Since Emma and I will be moving to Thailand for an unknown time we decided to combine our farewell party with my birthday celebration on the 29th of November. We started the night off at one of our favorite restaurants; Sakura
Daniel and I
VK pose !
With Svante, who will come live with us in Thailand after new years
Shabu shabu
After the food we went to another favorite place of ours, called Biljardpalatset, where we drank and played pool ! I also got birthday presents(´ω`♡%) 
With Danniela 
Daniel and Marcus, aka Alexander Skarsgård
Asians, asians everywhere . . .
Emma, my future roommate 
Birthday girl with birthday gifts
Justin Bieber joined us
The "dark" photos are from Rick. The plane has not even departed and I am already missing my friends here in Sweden ! Thanks again everyone for coming to celebrate my birthday and say farewell before or long journey. I had a nice night, even thought I was sick (つд-。) Fortunately, I have almost fully recovered before our move. I guess this is it then . . . My next post will be from Bangkok, Thailand. FUCK YEAH 

Gals and Shit ★ Cruise Edition


The 25th - 27th of November Kimii and I held our last meetup for a very long time. I will soon be studying in Thailand for at least half a year so therefore we will not be able to host a Gals and Shit event for a while. Anyway, we wanted to do something bigger than usual for this meetup  Our first meetup, the Boats and Gals 2.0, was real fun so we decided to go on a cruise again. But this time we changed things up by going on a longer cruise and also tour around in Tallinn before heading back ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Photos from myself and Xiaoting
Daniel styling my hair for the night
Kimii, waiting for us to be ready for dinner
Wesley and Xiaoting
Aboslut Vodka, Sascha and Kimii
Sofia and Wesley
Peace !
Buffet time (。・ρ・)ジ
Cheers !
Rebecca  chips
Day 2 - Arrived in Tallinn
Vapiano time
So much LUV 
This glass bottle looks so beautiful (*´▽`*)
Our stash after shopping in Tallinn
Welcome to the party cabin ヽ(^^)(^^)ノ
Xiaoting got a late birthday gift from us ( ^.^)
And I got an early birthday gift from Sascha ヽ(´▽`)ノ
Herp and Derp ★ Cruise Edition
And that was all of the "acceptable" pictures for the public (∩_∩;) I hope everyone had a good time even thought the rocking boat made some of us seasick, lol. And thank you all for making it to another memorable meetup ♡ Look forward to our future meetups, because there will be more to come ! Kimii and I are already starting to plan for the next Gals and Shit event d(^▽^) Take care~!

Halloween 2013


Whoa~ a whole month has passed without me blogging. So, what has happened since last time I updated? Halloween Σ(o>艸<) This holiday is well celebrated by me and my friends ! Since 2011 we have been attending Fried Rice´s annual Halloween party and it has become a tradition. In 2011 there were five of us girls that dressed up in the theme of "Burlesque" and last year I went as a pirate. This year I decided to go as The Baddest Schoolgirl (。-`ω´-) Inspiration from CL´s The Baddest Female.
Blood was our theme this year
Elise as a bloody Queen of Hearts 
Emma, as Gogo Yubari, and I, the baddest schoolgirl
Kimii and I 
Group photo when prepartying
We only managed to take a few photos before heading out to Fried Rice´s Halloween party since we were kind of busy getting ready and prepartying. Especially Emma, Lin and I were quite stressed because earlier on the same night we attended VIXX´s Global Showcase tour. Not complaining thought, because I had a blast that night 



I have received a few questions in the comment section of some posts and I am really glad to see your interest ! Of course, I have answered every question but I am not sure if some of you have received a notification of my answer since everyone is not using or entered their e-mail in the comment section. Please check the post you commented on if you have not received a notification of my answer (*>人<) Since we are on the subject, I want to remind you guys that I have an account where you can ask me questions if it is too bothersome to ask me through my blog. You can ask directly by the form I have on the left side of my blog too, beneath archive. I will gladly answer your questions (●´∪`)人(´∪`○)
Emma and I from last weekend